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The Kind Woman Of Substance, Malini Saba.

Malini Saba is a spectacular mother, philanthropist and a successful investor. Through Stree: Global Investments in Women, she assists at-risk women and kids throughout the world. She started the organization to help children and females in developing world that are underserved. Dealing with governments in developing countries has been challenging but her zeal to see positive policy encourages her to persist. Her role model is Mother Theresa. To her, success is about happiness that is brought by doing what you love. Her daughter is her greatest success. Malini Saba believes that we should learn from past experiences as the past is unchangeable. She insists that there must be borders between personal and business life, and she never allows personal situations to affect her business.


Stree is a non-profit organization that seeks to change roles and the perspective of low-income and at-risk women. It was inaugurated in by Queen Noor and President Clinton, and over the years it has provided forums to grassroots movements in Central America, Asia, Eastern Europe and Africa. The organization has encouraged positive policies in marginalized communities to help them access safe water, better laws that protect them and also have secure habitats. Malini believes that children and women are the future and thus providing them with educational opportunities, healthcare and safe place to live makes a big difference.


The philanthropist donated $1M to start Heart Research Centre at El Camino Hospital California and also pledged $10M to assist tsunami victims in Sri Lanka and India. She has been named as the Philanthropist of the Year by Prathama and was awarded the Mother Theresa Award by the LA County. The serial entrepreneur started investing in the 1990s by investing as a Silicon Valley venture capitalist. She began investing in real estate, commodities and telecommunication after being advised by investment bankers. Some of the companies that she has invested in include PayPal Inc, Sycamore Networks Inc and Netscreen Technologies.


She is the chairperson of Saban, a company with investment in technology, real estate and air and gas. The top investor operates Iron ore mines and also invests in agriculture. She owns large hectares of palm oil and acres of rice fields. Malini holds a Masters Degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology and has been awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year by Washington DC’s Businesswomen Network. The go-getter is never afraid of taking risks and recommends all entrepreneurs to believe in themselves. She is a hands-on woman and always manages all her businesses from all over the world and also takes care of her daughter.


The Magnises Black Card Offers Me Great Working And Partying Advantages

I moved to New York City six months ago, and my only thoughts were to have a lot of fun every day. New York City is such a big place that there is always something to do on a daily basis, but I got tired of being turned away when I wanted to go out to one event or another. It was a friend of mine that informed me about the Magnises card, and that’s what changed my whole world. Instead of constantly being turned away at different nightclubs, I get to go right in when I get to the front of the line, which is amazing.

I get discounts at many different places, especially on food when I go to some of the best restaurants that New York City has to offer. My Magnises card makes me a member, which means I get to go to their members only get-togethers, which are very elegant and are in luxurious spaces. I went to the penthouse that Magnises has where they were hosting their meet and greet, and I ended up meeting a great guy, who I’m still seeing to this day. Not only has the Magnises card changed how I have fun in New York City but it’s also brought me a great guy.

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One particular perk of Magnises that I took advantage of is the WorkPass, which has been great for my business. I moved to New York City to help get my clothing business off the ground, but I needed a small office space and didn’t want to spend too much money on it because I had another place where most of my business is conducted. Since I wanted my office to be in a more professional building that wasn’t in the same place as my clothing business, I chose to use my WorkPass.

The WorkPass is something I put on my Magnises card, and the membership allows me a discounted price for a co-working space in the same building that Magnises operates from. I only pay $99 per month for the WorkPass, and the pass allows me to pay just $500 per month for my co-working space, which is an incredible price. I easily found spaces that were similar that cost thousands of dollars per month, so not only do I save money by having the Magnises card, I also make money because of it.

I definitely have the ClubPass on my Magnises card membership as well because I still love to have fun, even though I’m constantly having to work on a regular basis on The Magnises card is a fantastic creation that gets me into some of the hottest events in New York City, even if its exclusive events. My boyfriend has a Magnises card and continues to be a member too. I also have no problem encouraging others to become a Magnises card member because I truly believe that this is a great card that has a lot to offer its members.

How Raj Fernando Got Where He Is

Raj Fernando has worked hard for everything that he has and this has allowed him the chance to see the true value in what he does and what it can get him if only he continues to work hard when it comes to the different things that he wants. He has been able to get all of these things by simply doing the right thing and never giving up.

It all started for Raj Fernando when he was in college. He was studying business and decided to do some work for the Mercantile Exchange. This was a great decision that he made and led to him eventually learning how to work the right way in trading. Raj Fernando was very dedicated even during that first job and that allowed him the chance to make sure that he was doing the right thing later on in his career. He learned so much about trading when he worked for the Mercantile Exchange. He translated this experience to his career later on.

Upon leaving college, Raj knew what he had to do. He did not want to work for a company where he was tied down with the rules that come with working in different companies and for different people. He wanted to work for himself where he was able to make his own success and he knew that the only way that he could do that was with starting his own trading company. He began the process for starting a business and that is how Chopper Trading was born.

After making Chopper Trading extremely successful, he took the opportunity to sell the business. He knew that selling it was in his best interests and he used the money that he got from it to start another trading business. This business is Scoutahead and is the business that he is currently the CEO of. It has been even more successful than what Chopper Trading was and it gave Raj Fernando the chance to see what it was like to truly own a company that was successful and that was able to make a difference in trading.

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Trends of Tech Fashion in The Future

The fashion industry along with the technology have undergone many changes over the years. Apparently, technology has become fashionable while fashion has become technologically fashionable. A preview of the past and present will bring some light on what might happen in the future.
The Past and Present
The trend in consumer goods shows technology will grow and become popular depending on what people consider fashionable.
In the fashion industry, designers concentrate on creating what delivers through the use of technology because it brings higher standards in innovation and functionality. A Dutch fashion designer Anouk Wipprecht says that technology is like a playground or an experimentation place where on digging deeper into it promises endless possibilities.
Looking Towards the Future
There are fashion advances designed through technology to protect us. These include a bike protection wear created by Terese Alstin and Anna Haupt, the Airbag for Cyclists. It should be worn around the neck so as to pop up from the neckwear and safeguard the head from any impact. Firefighters can also use the Frontline Gloves created by Kevin Cannon and Ashwin Rajan which helps them to pass vital information to their counterparts.
Designers are as well recycling materials to create fantastic fashion for instance Whiteside used recycled radiator copper to create a gown. Fashion along with technology can be used to create energy, and this what is inspiring Soledad Martin to work on a prototype for shoes which will allow people to charge their cell phone while walking or running.
Technology and Fashion Work Together
Technology requires assistance to become famous in fashion, for example wearing glasses became popular in recent years. Google glasses took time before gaining popularity despite being a useful product. Fashion shows usually wakes people up about the latest style and this is what Diane Von Furstenberg, a top designer applied to expose the glasses.
This trend shows that technology and fashion must work together so as to grow together. The enthusiasm of tomorrow lies in what both industries are learning from each other.
About Chris Burch
Chris Burch is the founder and the CEO of Burch Creative Capital. It is a company that expresses entrepreneurial values and vision for new markets through creativity. This leads to products and businesses that have positive and long-lasting impacts to clients. Burch is an entrepreneur who has resulted in the rise of over fifty companies. By understanding his customer’s behaviors and combining with the experience gained, Burch has been able to connect innovation to impact.
Burch Creative Capital is working on project to develop some lifestyle and consumer goods ranging from retail organic foods, apparel and home furnishings to the hospitality, as well as technology industries.

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Get Your Wiki, Helping Small Business Owners Succeed Online

Marketing a small business is challenging nowadays. Though the Internet gives us boundless opportunities to advertise virtually for free and in hundreds of places, this often still isn’t enough. Unfortunately, for businesses in many industries, this means there are more companies vying for that first page position.

Fortunately for small business owners everywhere, there is still one website that shows up on the first page of search engine results, above the fold every time, on a variety of topics. It’s a site we all know and many of us use every week, if not every day; Wikipedia.

In addition to reaching the first page of the search engines, Wikipedia backlinks are excellent to get if you can get them, (even though they’re no-follow).

Why Bother With Wikipedia No-Follow Links?

• Google still views Wikipedia as an authority site. The websites the articles reference must be of a certain caliber as well. They must be notable sources. Therefore, your backlink still carries more weight than it would on a random blog.

• Wikipedia backlinks can lead more people to your website. They can also help to build your brand recognition. Not everyone curious about what you do is a customer. Some people are writers and industry leaders wanting to learn more about you for possible media coverage, joint ventures and partnerships.

• Lastly, Wikipedia backlinks build link diversity. This is crucial if you want the search engine spiders to take you seriously. If you have a bunch of do-follow links, the search engines will think you just paid for a marketing campaign. However, link diversity looks much more natural and gives you favor in the eyes of the search engine spiders.

Get Your Wikipedia Page Up and Running with Get Your Wiki Today!

Getting a page on Wikipedia is not easy for business owners. For charities and other organizations, it’s a little easier to do it yourself. However, there are still some hindrances and if you don’t understand how Wikipedia works, the page you post will prove ineffective. Remember, you want people to want to learn more about your brand or do business with your brand after reading your Wikipedia page and you want it to place on the first page of as many relevant keyword searches as possible. For these results, you need a team of Wikipedia experts on your side that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. That’s us at Get Your Wiki.