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Madison Street Capital Brings ARES Security Corporation and Corbel Capital Partners Together




Madison Street Capital is a private boutique investment banking company that offers financial advisory services. The company was started in 2005 and is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. The firm also has offices in North America, Africa, and Asia. The services that the company offers are private equity, business valuation, consultative services, and investment banking among others.



Madison Capital is one of the world’s leading mid-market investment banking companies. This has mainly been contributed by the firm’s team of professionals who possess the comprehensive knowledge, expertise, and extensive relationships. Having worked with clients in various industries, the company has understood the need for careful analysis and specific recommendation in each case.



Madison Capital Facilitates Minority Recapitalization for ARES Security Corporation



On January 10, 2017, SAT Press reported about the role that Madison Capital played in organizing a minority value and subordinated debt investment in the ARES Security Corporation. Madison acted as the sole financial advisor in the transaction.



The ARES Security Corporation is located in Vienna, Virginia. The company is a major security risk management firm that offers its clients with security software solutions. Corbel Structured Equity Partners contributed the minority recapitalization. This transaction was headed by Reginald McGaugh, the Madison Street’s Senior Managing Director. The company’s CEO, Charles Botchway reported the deal.



Reginald said it was a privilege to work with the Ben Eazzett, the President and Shareholder of Ares Security. Reginald further said that Ares Security is an exclusive company providing the much needed technological solution to safeguard the world’s most significant assets. Also, he said the company’s superior management team challenged Madison Street in identifying the best financial partner.



Ben Eazetta, on the other hand, appreciated the assistance Madison Capital provided them with in 2016. He praised Madison Street Capital’s role in the initial due diligence, the valuation process, and in the course of raising capital. He said the company showed a lot of commitment to the whole process. He concluded by saying he was very optimistic about the future of Ares with the new capital structures.



Furthermore, Ares was confident that working with Corbel towards restructuring the investment was the best alternative in creating outstanding equity value. Lack of enough money had hit Ares’ expansion plans. Corbel’s financial capability is crucial in enabling Ares to increase its sales capacity.



ARES Security Corporation safeguard’s the globe’s most significant assets. The company is a leading player in the provision of security risk management solutions. As such, it protects complex systems run by the government. It also provides protection to the nuclear, power, and the transport industries among others.



Corbel Structured Equity Partners is a structured equity fund that was started in 2013. The company makes non-control investments in profit-making private enterprises. The company has a $95 million capital under its management. This money can be used in the facilitation of growth, purchase of a minority partner, carrying out a strategic acquisition among others.




FreedomPop May Change The Budget Mobile Service World

Mobile phone service is absolutely convenient. The ability to place calls from virtually any location is definitely a positive. Not so positive is the monthly bill that arrives in the mail. Roaming charges can be huge. In truth, the baseline monthly cost of subscribing to a mobile service might be outright outrageous. FreedomPop, the innovative Los Angeles startup took note of the niche of consumes looking for a deal. FreedomPop swooped in and took the entire industry by surprise by delivering a totally free mobile phone service.


Free does not mean “partially free” or “free after a certain point”. FreedomPop provides a decent amount of totally free service to subscribers who sign up. Most subscribers will buy an excellent smartphone from the company so FreedomPop does make a few dollars on the initial signup, but the basic amount of monthly phone, data, and text messaging is all free.


After reading a FreedomPop review, a potential new customer may be thrilled to learn the company’s service is solid. As far as budget companies go, this one does deliver on promises in terms of reliability.


Investors definitely see FreedomPop’s business plan to be a reliable one. Tens of millions of dollars have been infused into FreedomPop by way of venture capital funding.


FreedomPop does not only provide the free service option. Upgrades are possible. The upgrades open doors for more revenue to flow into the company’s accounts. The upgrades come with minor costs. For $19.99, totally unlimited phone, data, and text can be accessed. That is a solid deal for sure. So is access to the new $5 per month national Wi-Fi hotspot. The Wi-Fi hotspot presents an incredible opportunity for those who wish to log onto millions of access points across the United States for little money.


FreedomPop has also released new modems designed for standard internet connections. Home internet with FreedomPop is available on 3G or 4G networks. the costs are incredibly reasonable. The connections are highly reliable.


The internet service reveals FreedomPop is always working on new concepts. Even when these new concepts come with a monthly fee, the price is always a solid deal. The future of FreedomPop is sure to be a bright one considering how many new customers are going to be brought into the fold.


Major changes are in order for the budget mobile service industry. FreedomPop is leading the charge for all the new things soon to arrive.


Exemplary Traits as Portrayed by Sam Tabar

Tabar has a brilliant legal mind. He is well known across the world for his aggressiveness and admirable character. Having graduated from Columbia Law School, Sam possesses great knowledge in employment issues, supervisory and acquiescence issues, formation and structure of hedge fund among several other issues. Over time he has also exhibited profound knowledge in capital strategizing, and this has earned him a huge client base.

Sam Tabar has perfect leadership qualities. Over the years Sam has been working with renowned companies in the world and they have registered great revenues in his tenure. He accomplished so much at the SPARX group where he held a significant position of a business development executive. Even the bank of America could easily notice him and they took him in allocating him an equally influential position.

Sam is not an all work man. He enjoys photography as a hobby. From his social platforms and particularly Instagram, you will realize he has a liking for photos, not to mention that he is also photogenic. His past has been full of great achievements, and even more he desires to accomplish in days to come. As it is, his curriculum vitae is not anywhere close to getting completed as he has a lot more in store.

Essential Guidelines Lately Offered by Sam

Sam Tabar does not majorly advocate for commodity trading because of the risks that such investments tag along. He urges the investors who are determined to go down this lane to take time and do their due diligence. It has to be that experienced and profound investor who goes this direction and not a novice. He adds that for one to realize remarkable profits they must have endeavored in intense research. He cautions that it is a fickle sector and so one must have financial resources to be able to stand the losses should they come.

Since the novice investor must also have a place in the market, he advises them to ensure an appropriately diversified assortment. He encourages every potential investor to get on the road and begin. As he says, it is pointless to wait until retirement hits and wish you had invested earlier.

The Success of Kate Hudson’s Fabletics with Reverse Showroom Technique

Kate Hudson’s company, Fabletics, is dedicating to providing high-quality athletics, gym and yoga wear for women. The firm primarily aims at making all women sexy. With regards to high quality, most of the yoga and athletic wears are highly priced, and people rarely afford them. However, Fabletics products are of high quality, but the firm has put it upon themselves to offer them in a convenient online store at reasonably affordable prices. Fabletics offers a broad range of products such as sports bras, tops, tees, and hoodies among many others. Over the years, the Fabletics has been able to accrue and sustain a competitive advantage.


Fabletics leverages a 24-hour customer service, which has led to its competitive advantage over its rivals. Their online shopping avenue is friendly, highly responsive and secure. Getting started with Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is easy. Their platform offers a short quiz to new users based on lifestyles, and interestingly, the quiz only takes some few minutes. The primary aim of the questions is to help Fabletics’ stylists who are entirely dedicated to comprehending the taste and preferences on their various products to help their clients in selecting products depending on how they responded to the questions.


Once a customer creates an account, they can select the items of their interest every month and finish their purchase easily. However, clients can skip the stage if they have nothing to buy for a particular month. VIP members in the Fabletics platform have the option of receiving items every month with the option of excellent discounts. Signing up on Fabletics website is free and easy. Amazon controls around 20 percent of the online market in the fashion industry, which gives Fabletics an advantage. Kate Hudson has outdone all the odds and achieved an interesting business growth of $250 million in approximately three years. Fabletics has managed to establish a wide consumer base in the online market where it leverages a subscription mechanism to enable them to sell their goods directly to their customers.


Perhaps, the success of Fabletics can be partially attributed to the fact that they offer motivating products, which enables customers to go beyond their limits. The convenience of the online platform is another tool that Kate Hudson’s Fabletics leverages to take over the market on Amazon. Their membership plan ensures that the brand retains its uniqueness and is more reliable. Previously, high-quality brands were characterized by their pricey nature. Nowadays, forms need to set up tenable and reliable strategies to gain a sustainable competitive advantage while still offering quality and reasonable prices.


The Fabletics brand is experiencing an increasingly rapid expansion and has expansion plans of opening up stores in various strategic locations. Fabletics has open stores in Hawaii, California, Illinois and Florida. This is evidence that the brand’s expansion strategy is paying off. Fabletics, as a brand in a highly volatile and competitive market, attributes its growth and success to its ability to putting a smile on their clients’ face and delivering quality to them. Building effective customer relationships is one of Kate Hudson’s strategies of expanding their clientele base.

Event Planning Firm Twenty Three Layers

Twenty Three Layers is the firm to call when you want to have an amazing event. This is one of the most experienced, skillful and knowledgeable event planning companies in NYC. Their expressions of creativity will make your event a dazzling success. They have the experience to understand what is needed to make your event special. This company is whimsical, personable, trustworthy and has a beautiful and unique touch. These event planners in NYC will take the worry out of your affair.


There are certain basic steps you should use to make your event flow smoothly and successfully. Make sure you know exactly how much money you are willing to spend and stick to your budget. A good event planner can make your event special on a budget. Have a purpose or a theme for your event. Be certain you know why you are having the event to begin with. Have relevant answers to the questions of where will your event be located, when it will happen, who will be invited and the specific goals of this event. Any needed adjustments can be made at a later date.


Before you begin your research on the possible companies to host your event, figure out exactly what you want the company to do. The specific tasks they will be performing for you is very important in setting up your affair. Remember the reputation of the company you choose is a critical factor. Asking your professional contacts for references is a good idea at this point.


Find three event planners you think qualify for the job and set up interviews. Ask questions about their businesses and listen carefully to what you are told. Give them all of the details regarding your event. These interviews should be conducted in person as you can tell a lot about an individual when you can look them in the eyes. Always check all of their references. Negotiate the budget and terms they offer to host your event. Always read the fine print. These are some of the best steps you can take to make certain your event is a smashing success.

Find 23 Layers in NY


Tips to be a successful manager

Having managed to successfully bring up businesses from startups to multi-million organizations, Josh Verne shares the qualities he thinks a good manager should have.

  1. A manager shouldn’t be a boss, but rather a leader. There are numerous differences between the two. First, a boss will take advantage of his title to make his goals come true, whilst a leader sets goals together with his team, and works towards accomplishing those goals. Secondly, a boss asks to be respected, while a leader effortlessly earns respect.
  2. It is the mark of a good manager to try and make the best out of every situation. This means that, the decisions reached concerning each situation should favor both parties. A win-win situation is desirable. According to Verne, a win for the employees, or society, is also a win for the manager. A poor manager will only lean towards one side.
  3. The fewer the words one uses, the more authoritative he appears. This is a principle that Verne asks every manager to obey. He goes on to explain that the reason we have two ears and a single mouth is that we ought to use them in that proportion.
  4. Success is not only measured in terms of how well your business prospers, but also by how well you have put other aspects of your life. How are your relationships faring? Are you healthy? Every day should be spent to not only improve the business, but also one’s health and relationships.
  5. Finally, the most important thing is that only do something he is passionate about. Verne states that, rarely do you find a business succeeding if the manager isn’t passionate about it.

About Josh Verne

Josh Verne has an enviable business portfolio, with his management and entrepreneurial skills being the focal point of his success. The current CEO of started his management career by service as co-president of Home Line Furniture. He went on to form, an online marketplace with which people could make purchases easily, with the amounts being deducted from their payrolls. was later sold to Global Analytics. Josh Verne, after this, formed, which he currently runs. Flocku is another online platform, which makes the lives of college students convenient by allowing them to get information more easily. With Flocku, a college student can get emerging news about campus trends in real time. Verne’s main belief is that, seeing what is invisible to others is key.


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Entrepreneurial Tech

 Business Insider has called Billy McFarland a “tech wiz.” Bloomberg and CNBC have called him a “natural entrepreneur, who has engineered a way to attract and monetize millennials.”

Mcfarland believes in using technology to bring together communities, industries, and people. This passion began at age 12, when he was hiding computers and teaching himself to code. He founded several companies while in high school. Some were acquired.

McFarland launched Magnises in 2014. From 200 members to more than thirty thousand, the company is the world’s fastest growing experiential benefits plan. The members-only plan serves the tech, fitness, fashion, and entertainment industries. Utilizing a personalized black card, young professionals have access special deals and events in Chicago, Washington, D.C., New York City, and San Francisco.

Flash your Magnises card and get discounts or reservations at bars, clubs, restaurants, getaways, and concerts.

Among the benefits: WorkPass. New York members, for $99 a month, have access to Alley’s facilities, usually costing $500 a month. ClubPass. For $65 a month, members have access to New York’s most exclusive nightclubs. HotelPass. Members stay at the New York location of the Dream Hotel for $79 a night. Everyone else pays $245.

Magnises is not McFarland’s only endeavor.

He launched Spling, (a startup for content sharing and optimization) while studying engineering at Bucknell University. Hearst, Universal, and Disney have been among Spling’s customers.

LEAP (Learning Entrepreneurship Through Active Participation) helps middle and high school students learn business and technology skills.

The Accelerate Foundation connects professional athletes with mentors to help the transition to corporate life.

Billy McFarland, born in 1991 in New York City, grew up in Short Hills, NJ. He is ambitious and lives passionately in his professional, personal, and philanthropic pursuits.

Oncotarget Delivers Timely Oncology Data and Information

Since 2010, Oncotarget has been publishing its weekly articles concerning the latest in oncology studies and findings to the medical community at large. While the primary focus is cancer-oriented, other related subjects are allowed. Other topics such as Cardiology, Neuropathology/Neuroscience, Cell and Mol Biology, Pharmacology, Gerotarget/Aging, Endocrinology, and Metabolism are normal subjects that relate.

The editorial board at, headed by Andrei V. Gudkov and Mikhail V. Blagosklonny, of the Roswell Park Cancer Institute of Buffalo, New York, oversees all submissions for publication. The key factor in acceptance is the merit the content has in its subject field and its uniqueness. There is no point in publishing something that is nothing more that a previous theme with window dressing.

A good example of what is considered unique is a recent publication on that reported that vaping mechanisms had a significant role in the onset of a certain gum disorder resulting from their use. Documentation and citations correlated with usage of vaping and the activity itself was the incriminating factor, not the vaping devices themselves.

Authors submit their articles to the Editorial Board of Oncotarget to be reviewed and evaluated on The system of evaluation consists of a peer review system where no fewer than two reviewers participate. The reviewing editors must be experts at the level of the author or the subject matter. The value of two or more reviewers gives credibility to verification and more than a voice in the discussion.

It is essential that the focus of articles is strictly on the subject matter and that it is presented in a clear format on with proper citations and developmental organization that is logical to follow to its conclusion.

There is no room for any digression into politics, innuendo, slander, debasement, opinion or philosophy, gender or sexual orientation, and other distractions which will add nothing to the thesis at hand.

Authors are also advised to have the means of keeping raw data available for years if need be, as there may be an occasion to refer to it at a later date. In essence, the subject of the presentation should be direct and to the point, and supportive evidence and proofs should leave no other conclusion.

Oncotarget encourages interested professionals and researchers to submit articles because of the nature of the disease of cancer. The timely release of relevant and documented evidence has many times turned the tide with even the most insidious of cancers.

Refinancing your car through Ignition Financial

In this tough economy, it would a be a great thing for everyone to save some money on their mortgages. It is true that we can’t purchase most of our dream items i.e. house or cars without a loan. However, within the time when the economy is not on the positive side, repaying the loan could become a hectic and frustrating task for many.



Thanks to Ignition Financial and their refinancing solutions you will now find an easy and convenient tool for your next best financial plan i.e. “slash my payments.” This is a Texas-based professional loan advisory service that has some intuitive and convenient solutions for the common people. However, they are mostly popular for their vehicle refinancing solutions which have helped some car owners to save a huge amount on their car loan.



The simplest way to reduce interest on your car loan is to refinance your car. The concept of refinancing is nothing but to replacing your current loan obligation or rate & terms with a new one. There are some situations when there is a dramatic change in the money market such as fall of interest rate, change in inflation, economic changes and so on. During those periods, you can simply take the opportunity to refinance your car loan with a lower interest rate and other convenient terms and conditions such as the loan period which would be really beneficial for you.



For instances, if you bought a car with a $50,000 loan one year at 7.75% interest rate over five years’ period and got a refinancing offer of 5.75 today, you will be able to reduce your monthly installments by $ 37.76 per month and a whopping $1812 saving on your whole loan. Hence, it will be a big saving for you when you truly need some extra money.



However, there are a couple of conditions when you can consider refinancing your car. For instances, if there is a substantial drop in interest rate i.e. from 10% to 7% or improvements in your credit score, you can go for this option. In addition to these, the present value of your car needs to be less than the loan amount as well if you want a good deal. If everything is for you, you should definitely consult with someone from credit unions or a professional loan providers such as Ignition Financial for an affordable “slash my payments” or refinancing solution.

Madison Street Capital Excels in Financial Options

Madison Street Capital is a capital firm that is privately held. It has majored in international investment banking and has its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. Since its start in the year 2005, it has grown its presence in other areas of the world. The company has its offices in North America, Asia, and Africa. The firm provides financial solutions in different industries such as media, energy, and technology. It has excelled in providing other services in consumer retail, healthcare, agriculture, transportation, and pharmaceuticals. The experience and qualification in the team has seen it develop a wide range of professionals. The firm has since retained its position as the best firm in the industry.


Madison offers its services in five divisions. The first division is known as corporate advisory. Corporate advisory involves several services such as corporate governance, capital restructuring, and private placements. The second division is known as business valuation. It deals with provision of company valuation and tax compliance services. The third division majors in financial reporting. The division has grown to offer services such as intangible asset impairment, shared compensation, price allocation, and structured finance products. The fourth division offers services such as financial opinions. It involves financial advisory services like capital adequacy and solvency. The final division is the fifth division that deals with asset management in the industry. It covers areas such as mergers, sponsor coverage, restructuring services, portfolio valuation services, and acquisitions management.


Madison Street Capital is a leading financial firm and has received several awards for the investment. The company was nominated for the Boutique Banking Investment Firm Award. The award is normally given to top firms in the industry. A firm has to be a small firm and make a big impact in the financial industry markets. A company has to have provided services for many years and made strong and realistic results in the market. Madison Street Capital reputation has seen it become nominated for the Deal of the Year Award. The award is specific for companies that have completed deals that are under $100 million. The company received a huge recognition mainly for their top client known as Dowco.


The nature of services provided by the company has shown that the investment world is competitive. There are several companies that want to take their business to the next level. Madison Street Capital has managed to beat their customers because of proper customer services. The company has always treated its customers well. For any company to succeed today, it must first succeed with a proper customer experience. Many people that benefit from the company make use of its online investment options. Madison Street Capital has several plans for its future. It plans to make several investments that will boost the total financial capital.


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