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Robert Ivy’s Hard Work Earns Him An Award

Robert Ivy, Chief Executive Officer of American Institute of Architects, recently received the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award. This is the first time the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters (MIAL) has given the award to an architect.

The well known architect has received many awards in his career, but the Noel Polk award is something he is proud of on a personal and professional level. It is an achievement he has strived for in his career.

Mr. Ivy is not only an active architect, but also an author and commentator. His job before becoming involved with American Institute was Editor-n-Chief at McGraw-Hill’s Architectural Record. During his time as editor, the company received many awards with the help of him.

His education started at Sewanee, The University of the South. While in attendance at Sewanee, he earned a Bachelor of Arts in English. From there he went on to Tulane University and earned a Master of Architecture degree. Before becoming an architect, he was an officer in the United States Navy.

Robert Ivy prides himself on being the best no matter where his career leads him. This is why the fraternity Alpha Rho Chi honored him, due to he effectively speaks about the value of design among his architectural peers. He is the only architect to receive this award in the 21st century of the 100-year award.

His hard work is paying off and with membership being the highest in the history of American Institute of Architects. It shows others believe in his ability to be a leader in the field and want to follow in his steps.

CEO of AIA, Robert Ivy believes design plays a part in all our lives and encourages new architects coming up in the field to think outside the box. Being an architect goes beyond just designing a structure, but that structure has a way of effecting its surroundings. He strongly believes architects have the ability to build striving communities, if done right. It’s because of these beliefs Robert Ivy’s peers agree he deserves the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award.

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Why Igor Cornelsen Is A Force To Reckon With In The Brazillian Investment Industry

Igor Cornelsen is a graduate of the Federal University of Parana and holds a degree in Economics. He graduated in 1970 after dropping out of the engineering school and began the Economics coursework After graduating, he got employed by an investment bank and worked as an Investment banker because of his ability to work out huge sums of compounded interest rates using only sliding rules. Later he moved to Rio, and after a short while of diligently working, he was promoted to join the board of directors and finally became the CEO.

In 1978, Multibanco was acquired by the Bank of America, and Igor Cornelsen left and became a part of Unibanco, a giant in Brazil’s investment industry. He worked for seven years, and when the inflation rate became unbearable in Brazil, he moved to the Libra Bank, and his salary would henceforth be paid in dollars. After building an incredible reputation in the field, he was appointed an ambassador based in Brazil and a member of the board of the standard chartered merchant bank.

In 1995, Igor felt that he had enough experience around managing funds in the stock market and thus started his investment firm giving people the same services like the London merchant bank. He is the current investment manager and has a say on daily operations regarding the investment fund. He believes that one of the reasons for his success in the investment sector is the fact that he realized the value of assets was deteriorating before his competitors.

His advice to young entrepreneurs is to read a lot of material to have first-hand information and should avoid relying on people’s opinions because the market is continuously changing. He adds that entrepreneurs should look at the world as a whole instead of small parts. Igor Cornelsen believes that it is better to make up the mind using facts rather than opinions. Among his commendable accomplishments is his prediction on Russia making a come back after being declared bankrupt and being able to settle scores with its creditors. All analysts predicted against it and thus being the only one rewarded for the correct prediction.

AvaTrade Review- Trading in Safe and Synergistic Way

AvaTrade is a company that offers brokerage services to clients who trade CFDs and Forex. The AvaTrade is neither a fraudulent nor a scam site since it regulated and overseen by the major regulatory bodies in the European Union. The CNMV registers it as a Spanish broker and is overseen by the Centrals Bank of Ireland and according to the website the company promises its clients different ways of trading with confidence.


According to the AvaTrade review by, this brokerage company has highly competitive spreads, and they have no trading commission charges hence saving the trader some dollars. Another favorable feature with this broker is it allows its traders to enjoy enormous leverage that can reach up to 1:400 and best for traders who have ample experiences and can turn risks into more significant opportunities. The high leveraging ensures the traders invest at least 400 times of their invested capital considering that the minimum deposit for an average account is 100 dollars/Euros.


The AvaTrade is an Irish broker, and it gives a trader the ability to trade without having any reliability and safety concerns. It provides the majority of the CFD stock shares from Ireland and the commodities and Forex they are from Cyprus and according to various comments from clients being and Ireland brokers places it on higher ranks of assurance. The physical addresses of AvaTrade are at Five Lamps Place on the Amiens Street Dublin 1, and its reference number in Centrals Bank of Ireland is C53877.


The AvaTrade Review is also a licensed investment company that is fully compliant with the Financial Instruments Directives Markets. The MiFID central core is providing harmonized regulatory administrations for the investment services that are within the European Economic Area. It helps companies like AvaTrade have an increased financial transparency and efficiency offers greater protection to the consumer’s deposits.

The AvaTrade traders only incur the costs of the spreads that’s the small prices between the sold and bought CFDS and the Forex Markets. The spreads on the AvaTrade are constant with a minimal being 0.3pips for the Forex pairs, and it also allows the trading on Bitcoin on their CFD.

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