Hilarious Wikipedia Edits made by Congress

A software developer created a twitter account a few years ago to track anonymous Wikipedia edits made by congressional computers. The developer known as Ed Summers created the Twitter account @congressedits to keep track of these edits. Most of them are quite hilarious and at times worrying. Most of these edits are usually boring, and they do not make the cut for the Twitter account. For instance, when a senator is reelected into office, a staffer may edit the page to reflect it.
However, some of the changes made are usually edits to the resume. For instance, Tim Huelskamp’s page was recently edited. He is a Republican who has fallen out in recent times with the Republican leadership. His profile was boosted to include “National Conservative Leader.” Ed Summers’ idea has caught on all over the world. From Chile to the UK, like-minded people have been doing so to keep the government in check. Another hilarious edit that was recently made to the page was the addition of Harambe to the list of conspiracy theories. He was a gorilla who was recently killed by a zoo, which had a child’s interests at heart.

Why It Is Important to Create a Wikipedia Page for Your Brand

Wikipedia is an invaluable tool for any brand on a personal level and as a business. You can try it by doing a Google search on any renowned brand or person. In almost all instances, the person or business’ profile will appear as a Wikipedia profile in the first five results. Many companies and people have still not yet fully utilized this an invaluable gem. Those that do not make a Wikipedia page end up doing so on a casual basis. If the power of Wikipedia is harnessed, it can help improve your prospects of finding a job many times over.

It gives the employer the impression that you are impeccable. Also, it gives you the opportunity to tell your story. If you want your story told professionally, you should hire a Wikipedia expert from Get Your Wiki. They are a trusted company that has assisted many companies and individuals set up a professional profile on Wikipedia. Any profile that is constructed poorly could suffer Wikipedia NIL risks. When you use their expert Wikipedia editors, you save up on time and ensure that you get results within a short period.


Most customers conduct a quick online search of your brand before they transact with you. Having a professional profile made by a firm like Get Your Wiki makes them trust you more. It is more so when your brand appears in the top five search results of Google.

Lime Crime Products by Doe Deere

Lime Crime is a company that manufactures beauty products which are designed for women who would like something unique to apply on their face, eyes and lips. The product line was created by a certain lady entrepreneur called Doe Deere. The line has a wide range of products for you to choose from. As the CEO of Lime Crime, Doe Deere is also the owner of the company.

Doe was born in Russia. However, she was brought up in New York City. She launched her company in 2008 after she realized that she lacked makeup which she could use to go with the clothes she was selling online on ebay at the time. Doe decided to come up with a line of makeup which would suit a woman of color or not. The makeup on the line is bright and which can be used and matched with all kinds of colorful clothes.

In 2009, the company launched its first lipsticks which are known as Unicorn Lipsticks. These should be noted as some of the lipsticks which introduced the matte trends. The next few years saw the launch of the Velventines line which came about in 2012. These too, led the way to the matte trend. Their products are known for being cruelty-free and popular because they are vegan. Since their launch back in 2008, their products have always been cruelty-free and vegan. However, in 2012, the company decided to make all their future and current products adhere to the vegan standards.

There are many women entrepreneurs in the world but there are many who do not match the skills of Doe Deere. When she started Lime Crime, she did not know that there would be many women who would love the matte trend. There are many women who use their makeup products including lipsticks, eye liners and mascara so as to boost their confidence. The company is known for its global reach and clients all over the world.

In order to compare the prices of the products of Lime Crime and their entire line, visit their page on Amazon today!

Working With the Swiss Startup Factory

The field of engineering and innovation is very important when it comes to the continued development of mankind. Startups in these fields are often available to enhance technology, efficiency, and even make the world a safer and cleaner place to live. Unfortunately, many small startups often find that they do not have the capital necessary to take their ideas to the next step and turn them into actual products.

For those small businesses that are not able to gain the capital necessary to move the product forward, working with the Swiss Startup Factory could be a great option. The Swiss Startup Factory, which was started by Mike Baur, is a company that is dedicated for coming up with unique ways to help a new business or idea grow into a successful international organization.

The Swiss Startup Factory has placed venture capital and other investments in dozens of different companies that are in a range of industries including the auto, entertainment, and technology industries. Once they have started working with the Swiss Startup Company, small businesses have found that they are able to quickly grow and gain access to the capital that they would not have otherwise been able to access.

Working with the Swiss Startup Factoyr can provide a number of different advantages. While getting access to capital is very important, one of the main advantages is that they will be able to meet with industry professionals that are skilled in helping a small business grow to a large multi-national organization by helping them to developing a sound business plan, do market research, and actually implement the plan.

When looking to start the process of expanding a small business or idea, one of the best ways that a small business can start is to apply for the Swiss Startup Factory’s accelerator program. This program is ideal for any small business that would like to get started immediately. Those that have applied to and been accepted by the program have seen their ideas come to life in as little as three months. This is very beneficial in some industries as it will help to ensure that they beat their competition to market.

The Manse on Marsh’s Exceptional Services In Arroyo Grande Honored

Recently, the Manse on Marsh was recognized as the best assisted as well as independent living community in the country. It serves Arroyo Grande, San Luis Obispo and other areas. The independent facility was honored with the Caring Star Award, an honor that is relies on consumer reviews in Caring.com. 2016 was the second consecutive year The Manse on Marsh’s Arroyo Grande community received the award.

To be eligible for this year’s honor, communities were to have earned a one star review as from December 1, 2015 to September, 30, 2015. The communities also must have had no negative reviews unsettled and must have had an average rating of over four stars. Between December 2014 and September 2015, the Manse on Marsh received five 5 star reviews. In addition, it managed to maintain an overall rating of 5-stars.

According to Caring.com co-founder as well as CEO Andy Cohen, the Caring Star award highlights communities that are loved by consumers. That is to people searching for superior assisted living services. Cohen congratulated each family caregiver and senior spared their time to give their feedback.

A joint study by Arroyo Grande assisted living along with senior care searchers found that many respondents relied on internet consumer evaluations. It provides a place where researchers discover the specific amenities offered by a facility like The manse’s popular Care Planning System. The nationally recognized service provides medication management, bathing and grooming, and meal reminders. These services are determined by a point system that depends on a resident’s care situation. It ensures that each resident gets the care services that they pay for. The Manse on Marsh stands out as the only community that provides such a care planning system in Arroyo Grande.

Logan Sexton noted that the honor was an indication that the residents alongside their families appreciate the work the community does. The Manse on Marsh CEO and executive director reiterated that the community will continue providing quality care that meets the resident’s needs. He also noted that The Manse’s staff will remain innovative and sensitive to the requirements of the residents. He appreciated the families that gave their feedback.

About The Manse on Marsh
The Manse on Marsh is close to families that are searching for assisted living around Arroyo Grande and the nearby areas. It is situated in the middle of Central Coast in San Luis Obispo, according to SeniorHousingNet. The community’s excellent amenities include private homes, spacious flats, convenient transportation, and laundry services. It also offers personal assistance, nurses, and attentive care givers. They also offer a wide variety of activities, to keep residents active and engaged, as well as happy.

Kenneth Goodgame is a Marketing Genius

Kenneth Goodgame serves as CMO and Senior Vice President of the Prestigious True Value Hardware Corporation. He operates from the firm headquarters in Chicago. At True Value, Kenneth Goodgame oversaw $320 million in active inventory and $2.2 billion in global purchasing.

Education and career history

Goodgame is an alumnus of the University of Tennessee holding a degree in marketing. Upon graduating in 1994, he started his business career at Home Depot. Goodgame rose through ranks and became Home Depot’s Senior Global Product Merchant. He set a fantastic profitability track of record during his tenure at Home Depot.

After relinquishing his job at Home Depot, he held several leadership positions with Nuwell Rubbermaid and their subsidiary firms. Later on, the North America-based Techtronic Industries appointed him as the president of its Baja Motor Sports. He managed to establish Techtronic Industries’ Direct Tool Factory Outlets from infancy to a respected retail store and served as its president. During his tenure at Techtronic Industries, Goodgame oversaw the opening of 30 stores national wide. He was in charge of developing the marketing strategy, site selection, merchandising, hiring & training, and inventory planning.

From 2010 to 2013, he was working with Ace Hardware Corporation as the General Merchandising Manager. He oversaw more than $3.2 billion in global acquisition as well as $600 million in active inventory. He implemented a historic Craftsman program hence facilitating the growth of hand tool division from $9 million to over $180 million in sales. He developed and executed “store within Store” idea for Craftsman brand.

Writing and public speaking

Goodgame shares his unparalleled professional expertise with ambitious entrepreneurs and helps them to establish successful businesses. Through his active participation in public speaking, he has become one of the popular names on the lecture circuit. He is a regular speaker at business conferences and conventions that are held in the United States and around the world. His main areas of focus are sales, marketing, investment, and other business-related matters.


Goodgame aims at making the community better through charitable giving and other philanthropic endeavors. He is an active member of several nonprofit organizations and foundations. He also supports them financially.

Talk Fusion and their Mission

Talk Fusion has made a very well earned reputation for giving back to the community and helping out those that are less fortunate. There have been a large number of examples of this company and its founder and employees going out of their way to help others.

The Founder and CEO is Bob Reina. One of his largest donations to date is a $1 million donation to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. That alone would make his company stand out among its competitors as one of the most generous companies currently in existence. Beyond his donations, he has encouraged every one of his employees to be proactive with their generosity as well.

With employees in over 140 countries, he has the potential to touch a lot of people’s (and animals) lives. The employees each got to choose one free account to donate to the charity of their choice. This allowed the employees to become more heavily involved in the charitable side of Talk Fusion while also creating a new method to reach out to the many charities that are deserving of the aid that can be granted to them through a company as powerful as Talk Fusion.

These charitable activities are just the tip of the iceberg when looking into what Talk Fusion is currently doing for charities and for those that need help around the world. They are one of the few companies that honestly care about helping others and go out of their way to demonstrate that attitude.

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An Advocate For Innovation: Eric Pulier’s Career

Graduating as Magna Cum Laude in 1998 at Harvard University, Eric Pulier set off on his career with a degree in English and American literature. Though Pulier’s college experience surrounded writing and literature, Pulier focused on his youthful hobbies of computer programming and creating databases to form People Doing Things. This company strove to take on health care, education, and other issues through the usage of technology.

From there on, Eric Pulier worked at forming other socially interactive technologies. He began with Digital Evolution in 1994, which was merged with US Interactive LLC in 1998. Following this, Pulier set out to create a social media network designed for chronically ill children to chat, blog, and meet other children dealing with similar issues. This was named Starbright World.

Pulier later took on creating and executing the Presidential Technology Exhibition in Washington D.C. in 1997, which was referred to as The Bridge to the 21st Century. His performance awarded him positions in Vice President Al Gore’s forum on health care and technology. Along with this, he also founded Desktone, Media Platform, Akana, and other companies.

In addition to his health and technology work, Pulier is a successful author and philanthropist. Pulier began his writing career as an editor and writer for The Harvard Crimson. Later in his career, Pulier co-authored the book Understanding Enterprise SOA with Hugh Taylor, which was named as a finalist in the 2006 IPPY Awards.

As can be seen in his work towards helping those who are ill with his technological innovations, Pulier has a strong heart towards charitable organizations. Pulier is an influential donor for various non-profit organizations. In fact, he holds positions on the innovation boards for the X-Prize Foundation and The Painted Turtle.

In all, Eric Pulier has focused his career as an entrepreneur, author, and philanthropist. He has founded various health and technology companies, which have resulted in great success. With the partnership of Hugh Taylor, Pulier co-authored a successful. And, with his passion towards those struggling, he has helped donate his time and finances towards various non-profit organizations.

How Does IT Get Built At Diversant?

IT gets built at Diversant every day to make life easier for companies that need computers to function. Just having a computer in the office does not do anything for a company that needs to run a larger system, and that is where John Goullet and his people at Diversant make it much easier for a company to function with their IT systems. IT can help a company do anything from sell to run a warehouse, but they cannot do anything unless they hire someone to help them.

Diversant is a company that Goullet built from the ground up using his skills in the computer industry. He has been trying to make sure that all his clients are getting really good service, and he is trying to be as creative as he can get.

That means that the company is going to help people learn a new way to run their business that they have never thought of. They are going to be able to be more efficient, and they will always have a partner in Diversant because that is who built the systems. Their company is always there to service and update their new systems.

John Goullet is the leader of the team, and he makes sure that everything coming out of his offices makes sense. He never wants to leave his his clients to the wolves when they need help with their computers, and he thinks that there is always a good way to solve every problem. He thinks that it makes more sense for his team to work out a new and creative problem that is going to change the situation completely. That is how customers end up happy, and that is how customers notice that they are not stuck with the old computers that they have been using for too long.

James Dondero Partners with Linda Owen

James Dondero is a well- known businessman in the United States. He is currently the President of a company known as Highland Capital Management. The company specializes in asset management. James Dondero is also one of the co-founders of the famous company. James has worked in the asset management industry for over two decades, and this is one of the reasons why his company has become so successful. At the moment, Dondero resides in Dallas.

Not long ago, James Dondero announced his partnership with Linda Owen. Linda Owen is also based in Dallas, and she is respected as one of the civic leaders in the city. Linda was previously the president of a company called Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation. James Dondero believes that she is the best person to help the company achieve its plans.

Linda Owen will be partnering with the Highland Capital Management for one main reason: to help the company with its charitable donations. Highland Capital Management has increased its donations in the recent times. This has led to the formation of a program called Dallas Foundation. The foundation administers the charitable donations made by the company. Under the partnership, Linda Owen is expected to serve as the charitable giving manager. Together with the Dallas Foundation, Linda Owen will help to change the lives of many people in the community.

According to James, Highland Capital Management has increased its philanthropic activities. Without the right support system, it would be challenging to distribute all the donations to the needy people in the community. The donations are quite huge, and they require a skilled and dedicated individual who has worked in the same position in the past. Linda Owen has worked in a similar position in the past, gaining the trust of many people in Dallas. She will use the skills she acquired in previous positions to ensure that the donations made by Highland Capital Management make an impact in the beneficiaries’ lives. She actually has a vision to make sure that her efforts make a significant difference in the Dallas community. Highland Capital Management mostly contributes more than three million dollars to noble causes in the globe.

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Let VTA Publications Help You Increase Your Financial Portfolio

Jim Hunt is a successful financial analyst and he gives advice to his high end clients about trading and investing their money. Often times, people have dreams that can pioneer their financial future, but they listen to the advice of naysayers. Negative people will tell you that you don’t have the time or the resources to live out your dreams right now. Hunt says in a recent PRN News article that these are the type of people that you should avoid. He tells his clients to surround themselves with positive people that are going to encourage you and support your dreams.

In fact, Jim Hunt believes that starting your own business will help pioneer your dreams. Hunt is also the CEO & Founder of VTA Publications that gives clients the opportunity to take a course that will help them manage and grow their financial outlook. The VTA Publications course offers you free tutorials and any time support when you have questions or just need answers. In fact, clients that can’t pay for the course are given tuition assistance. Once you take the VTA Publication course you are ready to take your financial future in your own hands.

VTA Publications has two major ways to help clients grow their finances, but they also give their clients the secret to biblical wealth. You can learn how to gain money from the fluctuations of the stock market. When the market is falling you can get make real money. Earn real money that will help you start your own business, buy a new home, get a new car, a boat and more. VTA Publications has been around for the past 10 years helping clients successfully get the financial break that they need. Now is a great time for anyone that is interested in changing their future to utilize the course. Many graduates have said that they began to make money after the first investment. You’ll love how VTA Publications is able to transform your financial future and you’ll be able to get the financial confidence to live out your dreams today.  Be sure to check out their official website for more information.