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We Need to Rocket Education Into the Future

When it comes to our children we want to give them the very best of everything and that sentiment couldn’t be clearer than when it comes to their education. Unfortunately, the public education system in the United States is flawed for those who live in low-income areas. These schools are oftentimes underfunded and suffer from overcrowded classrooms, underpaid teaching staff, all of which contributes to a staggering amount of underachieving students. This is an especially precarious situation when it comes to elementary aged students who will take the bad habits picked up at a young age and carry them throughout their lives.

What is needed for these at-risk youths is an institution that caters to their unique needs to give them every opportunity children in other areas receive. That is where Rocketship Education steps in. Founded in 2006 by co-founder and CEO Preston Smith, Rocketship Education is a non-profit public charter elementary school system operating nationwide. There singular focus and vision is to eliminate the achievement gap in public schools by offering an alternative to those children who are most in need. Their operational model relies on grants and investments to provide their service to those who cannot otherwise pay to send their children to an alternative educational facility. Since their inception, Rocketship Education has grown from a single school run out of a church in San Jose, California to six locations throughout the country in an ever growing effort to provide opportunities for success.

What makes Rocketship Education so successful is that they focus on three key components that traditional public schools lack the resources to employ. First, they personalize the learning experience of each student by tailoring some aspects of their education to their learning abilities, while also incorporating traditional class structure, group activities, and individual projects. Second, the teaching staff at Rocketship Education is highly trained and specialized in either STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) or the humanities. Third, parents are involved in their children’s educational experience and also taught the importance of advocating for their children. This is important in an overburdened public education system where students are often overlooked and forgotten about.