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How Reviews Have Helped Fabletics and How They Help Local Businesses

If you own business, you know that you need to market and advertise online. What you may not know is that you also should incorporate online reviews as part of your marketing strategy. Doing this will increase your sales, bring you more traffic and customers, improve the trust that your customers have in you, increase customer loyalty, and ultimately increase your revenue and improve your bottom line. Fabletics, for example, uses online reviews as part of their marketing strategy, and it has worked out wonderfully for them. They have achieved a growth rate of over 200% since they started in 2013.


If you own a local business, online reviews are a great way to drive more physical customers to your stores. The reason for this is because positive online reviews definitely improve your search engine rankings for local searches. In addition, when people search for establishments in their local area on Google, Google will show them a pack of 3 to 7 local establishments. Only a few local establishments will make it to this pack, and much of what determines who will make it to this pack has to do with their online reviews and their overall online rankings. This has been proven by various studies that were done by Moz and others. With online reviews, you can also use Schema markups to put star ratings next to your website snippets in the search results. This can cause more people to click on your website snippet, which can lead to your website ranking even higher, because Google will see that more people are interested in your website and that it is a great match for whatever people typed into Google. In addition, if you have reviews on sites such as Trustpilot, which is a partner with Google, you can improve your Google seller rating. A Google seller rating can help you improve your click-through rates on your Adwords ads by up to 17%. In addition, if you sell products on third-party sites such as Amazon, eBay, Target, Walmart, or other ecommerce sites, you need to have online reviews on those sites. This is because research has shown that products that have more reviews on those sites tend to rank higher when people search those sites for specific kinds of products. Some of those sites, such as Target, let you syndicate your online reviews from other sites, which makes it easier for you.


In 2013, Fabletics was launched in order to provide women with a stylish brand of clothing. They needed someone to help them with their marketing and their design, as well as with reaching customers. The first person that they thought of, and who they automatically chose, was Kate Hudson. Kate Hudson, who is an actress, was a perfect fit for the Fabletics brand. Kate Hudson is involved in every aspect of Fabletics and makes sure that their designs and styles are fresh and that they have a good marketing strategy. Fabletics has a lifestyle quiz you should take.

Academy of Art University the Leading Institution in World of Art & Fashion Design

Academy of Art University, formerly known as College of Art University, is the heaven for art and fashion design lovers. Based in California, but it attracts students from around the world. According to a recent study, approximately 7% of students completed a four-year degree within the allotted time. Another survey by, National Center of Education Statistics, 31% of students completed a four-year degree within 150% of that time. This rate has been dropped to 3% for the part-time students. The best part is that more than 50% of the graduate students are female.


The institute led the foundation of future fashion trends. In the latest show of Future of Fashion, the institute represents the way of transforming current fashion trends into latest fashion models. Students from various backgrounds presented their designed clothes.


Joanna Jadallah, MFA Menswear designer born in Chicago, but brought up in Orange Country. The designer presented the design that was inspired by her ancestors that were forced to flee Palestine leaving all their belongings and everything behind. Her collection reflected the beauty of her culture and depicts her ancestor’s story. The designs were then value-added using lightweight wool, suiting fabrics and brocades.


A holistic group of designers and artist showcase their work in an intricate way in this fashion show. Some concepts reflected the everyday phenomenon of our lives like how light lead us from the darkness. Another great project is launched by Fine Art and Illustration students who are creating a new mural in Lower Pacific Heights.


The institute is the torch bearer for modern schools of art and fashion designing. It raised many Olympians like Mobolade Ajomale who is famous Canadian Olympic Sprinter, Asencio a figurative painter and list is still goes on. There is a huge list of medals and honors student earned for this institute. For 2015, indoor and outdoor track and field seasons, they had seven All-Americans honors and one NCAA individual champion in Jordan Edwards.


If you want to lead the fashion industry, then this institute is a great option for you. It not only provides education to local residents but its doors are open to students all around the world. There are options to learn and equip you with latest fashion tools via online courses.


Fabletics & Kate Hudson are a Perfect Match

As with a lot of things, Amazon controls a sizeable stake in the clothing e-commerce business. And taking on a giant like that is no mean feat, but that is what Fabletics, by Kate Hudson, has achieved. In a few short years, the company Kate has associated with, Fabletics has grown to become a major player. By some estimates, it has achieved the $250 million mark! Part of the reason for this success is Fabletics marketing technique. It uses a subscription-based model, wherein the customer signs up to become a member and chooses their clothing based on their needs. Customers can do this by taking a fun lifestyle quiz which helps them decide what to get for themselves.

The Brand

Fabletics makes clothing for the physically active women, hence their clothing fits into the athleisure niche. This is a niche that has been controlled by a small group of players, charging huge sums of money for their products. However, price and even quality of a product are not enough for an e-commerce business to succeed. Aspects such as branding, last mile service, customer perception and design are also a big part of the picture. Fabletics understands this and they have succeeded in spades. Interestingly, Fabletics has not limited itself only on the e-commerce side of things. They have and are opening brick-and-mortar stores to take their brand and experience directly to the people.

The combination of having a membership-based service, along with stores now takes care of the “I want to see and feel the product” aspect that many customers seem to crave. In fact, according to Gregg Throgmartin, General Manager of Fabletics, the company is capable of giving a more personalized experience for customers, at half the cost of its competitors.

Bringing in More People

Recently Kate Hudson oversaw an event at the Beverly Hills hotel. The event was to launch Fabletics association with Demi Lovato, the world-famous pop star. Demi is joining up with Fabletics because she really believes in the company and loves the products. Demi is of the opinion that Fabletics makes products that all people, no matter what their age, gender or size is, can feel empowered and happy using the products of this company. The company was founded in 2013, by Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. They approached Kate Hudson because they felt that her lifestyle and image would be a perfect fit for the company. And going by the numbers, it certainly has.

Amazon Trying to Keep Kate Hudson’s Fabletics at Bay

The reason that Amazon is sitting so far ahead of all the competition in the fashion e-commerce market is because they are always looking for ways to improve. The success Amazon has in this space is best measured by how they are securing 20 percent of all the sales despite thousands of clothing companies trying to knock them from that top perch. Amazon may have to keep a closer eye on Kate Hudson’s Fabletics if they want to retain that top billing because in only three years we have seen Kate Hudson’s Fabletics already make $250 million in sales of women’s active-wear.


If you want to see why Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is dominating in a niche packed with thousands of hungry retailers, all you have to do is ask. Hudson will gladly tell you that all the success of her athleisure brand has to do with the reverse showrooming sales process and her diverse membership perks. Things are quite different in the way this company treats customers, just look inside the Fabletics store at the local mall. The women shopping at the mall stores are taking the Fabletics lifestyle quiz, trying on all the apparel, even window shopping for all the new arrivals in workout clothing.


To really be a success in a fashion e-commerce market that has Amazon sitting in the driver’s seat really takes some doing. What Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is doing differently start when these women are in the mall store trying on the yoga pants, tank tops, and leggings. Each piece that is worn will get uploaded to the customer’s membership online account. What that means is that these women are able to basically pick up the shopping exactly where they stopped at the mall. If you do not have to worry about the clothing fitting, then you are able to just focus on impulse shopping.


The customers at Kate Hudson’s Fabletics are being rewarded with free online shipping, huge discounts on all the active-wear online and in the retail store, and the help of an assigned Fabletics personal shopper. One amazing perk at Hudson’s Fabletics is your shopper reviews your quiz answers, then picks a piece of workout apparel every month and places it in your cart for your consideration. Amazon certainly has reason to keep Kate Hudson’s Fabletics at bay because these sales techniques seem to be giving them the ability to climb to the top of this market.

Fabletics Excels with the Reversed Showroom Technique

In early July 2013, a new competitor entered the scene of online retail of active wear and sports gear. The online retailer Fabletics is a branch of the already we established American brand JustFab.



The brand of Fabletics took off independently from its mother brand even before it was launched. There was a lot of excitement about the launch of Fabletics which was mostly due to the extremely successful and well-planned pre – launch campaign. The Fabletics brand reached out to a large number of social media influencers and asked them to review their products – running shoes, sports bras, sports gear, yoga mats, sports clothes, etc. The flood of positive reviews overtook all social media platforms. People of all ages were raving about the quality of the products and how good the clothes looked.



When JustFab entered the market, it was among the first brands to sell stylish sports clothes. Fabletics capitalised on the idea and delivered what people wanted – to look good while working out. There was the second result. However, that was more unexpected. The products of Fabletics also catered to an audience that was not necessarily using the clothes for working out but for leisure instead. A new term was coined ”athleisure”. The quality of the activewear combined with the beautiful and elegant designs became a staple for busy mums and students who were looking for a good looking comfortable wear for around the house and while doing chores or studying.



Fabletics offer their services in te form of a monthly subscription. All new clients are asked to take the Lifestyle quiz that Fabletics have designed. The survey asks about the preferences of the new customer regarding the kind of sports clothes they like to wear. The survey also asks about basic lifestyle features of the client as well as measurements and sizes. Every month a team of in-house stylists curates more than fifty outfits according to the customer’s results from the lifestyle quiz.



The marketing strategy of Fabletics has also been a huge plus to the success of the online retailer. The strategy they use is called the reverse showroom technique. It features allowing the customer to take a look at the product before buying it. That allows for a relationship of trust and security between the buyer and the retailer. It also keeps the retailers utilising this technique on their toes because one slip up regarding quality can cost them both reputation and clients. The reversed showroom technology is employed by the giant Amazon as well. In recent years, however, Fabletics has consistently been surpassing Amazon regarding sales when it comes to activewear and sports gear. That speaks well of the young company.



Fabletics has a few physical stores in the United States of America. Clients can go in and shop there as well if they wish and they can also consult the in-house stylists. There has been a demand in other locations across the U. S. as well, and so Fabletics will be opening more stores in the future.

Black Friday week is still going strong! Shop the sale in stores and online. (Link in bio)

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The Success of Kate Hudson’s Fabletics with Reverse Showroom Technique

Kate Hudson’s company, Fabletics, is dedicating to providing high-quality athletics, gym and yoga wear for women. The firm primarily aims at making all women sexy. With regards to high quality, most of the yoga and athletic wears are highly priced, and people rarely afford them. However, Fabletics products are of high quality, but the firm has put it upon themselves to offer them in a convenient online store at reasonably affordable prices. Fabletics offers a broad range of products such as sports bras, tops, tees, and hoodies among many others. Over the years, the Fabletics has been able to accrue and sustain a competitive advantage.


Fabletics leverages a 24-hour customer service, which has led to its competitive advantage over its rivals. Their online shopping avenue is friendly, highly responsive and secure. Getting started with Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is easy. Their platform offers a short quiz to new users based on lifestyles, and interestingly, the quiz only takes some few minutes. The primary aim of the questions is to help Fabletics’ stylists who are entirely dedicated to comprehending the taste and preferences on their various products to help their clients in selecting products depending on how they responded to the questions.


Once a customer creates an account, they can select the items of their interest every month and finish their purchase easily. However, clients can skip the stage if they have nothing to buy for a particular month. VIP members in the Fabletics platform have the option of receiving items every month with the option of excellent discounts. Signing up on Fabletics website is free and easy. Amazon controls around 20 percent of the online market in the fashion industry, which gives Fabletics an advantage. Kate Hudson has outdone all the odds and achieved an interesting business growth of $250 million in approximately three years. Fabletics has managed to establish a wide consumer base in the online market where it leverages a subscription mechanism to enable them to sell their goods directly to their customers.


Perhaps, the success of Fabletics can be partially attributed to the fact that they offer motivating products, which enables customers to go beyond their limits. The convenience of the online platform is another tool that Kate Hudson’s Fabletics leverages to take over the market on Amazon. Their membership plan ensures that the brand retains its uniqueness and is more reliable. Previously, high-quality brands were characterized by their pricey nature. Nowadays, forms need to set up tenable and reliable strategies to gain a sustainable competitive advantage while still offering quality and reasonable prices.


The Fabletics brand is experiencing an increasingly rapid expansion and has expansion plans of opening up stores in various strategic locations. Fabletics has open stores in Hawaii, California, Illinois and Florida. This is evidence that the brand’s expansion strategy is paying off. Fabletics, as a brand in a highly volatile and competitive market, attributes its growth and success to its ability to putting a smile on their clients’ face and delivering quality to them. Building effective customer relationships is one of Kate Hudson’s strategies of expanding their clientele base.