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Improving The World: Jed McCaleb

Jed McCaleb founded the Stellar Development Foundation when he realized that the financial infrastructure of the world is broken and many people are with no little or no resources. Jed has spent most of his time thinking on ways he can improve technology and how it can improve the world. Earlier on he had created eDonkey2000 network for peer to peer file sharing and Mt. Gox.


Jed McCaleb is a cryptocurrency expert and is renowned for his contribution for starting the first bitcoin Mt. Gox. After teaming up with Joyce kim, they cofounded stellar in 2014 where he now is the leader technical development. His duties at stellar ensure he is preoccupied with either responding to emails from clients or coding and building stellar to be better.


Jed McCaleb has spent s most of time thinking on better ways he can improve the current technology and finding ways to use the new technology, the stellar network gets support from that helps to contribute to the open source software.


Jed Mccaleb got the idea to start stellar when he realized that he could solve many problems with the bitcoin technology. The idea of bitcoin helped him to start a financial network that can connect institutions instead of creating a currency. The aim of stellar now is to connect the unbanked people in the world by linking several institutions together so that different institutions are tied together to allow for cheaper money transfer through an open source financial network.


Jed McCaleb and his team have worked on stellar from 2014 and now the network is more secure than before and easy for one to interact using standard tools and get information. Now stellar has a global outreach and Jed attributes the networks’ success to coming up with concrete strategies and plans. The art to be focused on important things has enabled Jed to avoid unnecessary distractions. The path for entrepreneurship for Jed has been with many challenges and he understands that for one to be successful you have to overcome the obstacles in life and don’t allow them to let you down.

The Life and Career Success of Glen Wakeman

With a career that spans over two decades, Glen R. Wakeman is one of the few successful business-oriented individuals in the business and finance industry. Currently, Glen is the CEO and the founder of Launchpad Holdings; a company that brings together a fully automated system that enables different entrepreneurs to organize their ideas into a more workable plan.

Glen Wakeman began his career at GE Capital where he held the business developmental and P&L positions. While working at GE Capital, Wakeman was recognized as a role model in Growth Leadership by the company’s Board of Directors. Apart from this, Glen was the founder and the president of Nova Four, a company that deals in providing strategic advice as well as access to capital for starting and maintaining a business.

Glen’s desire to build a business empire by improving the company’s agility has proven an asset in his career as a financial advisor and executive mentor. He bases his methodology to improve a business on five different pillars namely Leadership, Human Capital, Execution, Governance, and Risk Management.

Throughout his career and the various positions that he has held, Glen has immensely revolutionized various business and managed assets that are worth more than $15 billion (NewsSky). His overall work has included guiding start-up companies, enabling new market entry, M&As, exponential growth, and divestitures.

Apart from being an investor, Glen has also used his writing skills to educate and share his overall insight on emerging markets, international fiscal matters, strategy, and management and administration. The information that he publishes on his blog has helped a lot of enthusiastic business individuals. Glen also mentors several C-level executives and couples up as an advisor to various startups such as Dreamfunded and Sitter Bees.

Wakeman attended the University of Scranton where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Finance in the year 1981. He later joined the University of Chicago where he successfully pursued and graduated with an MBA in Finance. Having lived in six different countries, Glen has overseen the growth and success of various companies in these countries.

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Why Madison Street Capital Is Making a Difference in the Investment World

Madison Street Capital is a household name in the investment management industry. The company is recognized internationally because of its investment nature that enables small and medium-size businesses to access financial support. In 2017, the firm was involved in as an exclusive financial advisor in arranging minority equity for one of its client. ARES Security Corporation is one of the longest serving clients of Madison Street Capital that was under financial constraints. As such, the firm sourced for the services of Corbel Structured Equity Partners. The company was mandated to spearhead the recapitalization process and enable ARES Security Corporation to resume its normal operations within one year. The process was initiated by the Chief Executive Officer of Madison Street Capital Charles Botchway. His aim was to ensure a successful transition process that would leave the company back to normal operations.


ARES Security Corporation is a high-end technological company with interest in providing state-of-the-art communication equipment. According to Ben Eazzetta, the President of ARES Security Corporation, the company appreciates the effort made by Madison Street Capital in finding the best financial partner to spearhead the whole process. Madison Street Capital reputation has been put to the test and recognized because of the significant periods of time it has been in the financial investment field.


Madison Street Capital is a leading investment firm with interest in merger and acquisition of assets, financial advisory services, business valuation and financial reporting among others. The company focuses on ensuring small scale business investor understand the area he is investing in and the potential market returns. It also ensures that companies get the value of investment opportunities made by performing business valuation to ascertain the actual value of properties and assets acquired. The firm has a long history and good reputation owing to the success story of reliability in service delivery.


The company has grown in the recent years to open branches in Asia, Africa, and North America. The extensive network has scaled-up the activities of the firm thus opening up other opportunities. The company believes in strengthening its relationship with other global agencies by engaging in charitable acts. It has partnered with The United Ways of the Midwest and South Disaster Fund to help in providing aid to help mitigate disaster affecting many states across the United States of America. Through this process, Madison Street Capital ensures that it makes a difference within the locals living within its jurisdiction.


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Madison Street Capital Brings ARES Security Corporation and Corbel Capital Partners Together




Madison Street Capital is a private boutique investment banking company that offers financial advisory services. The company was started in 2005 and is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. The firm also has offices in North America, Africa, and Asia. The services that the company offers are private equity, business valuation, consultative services, and investment banking among others.



Madison Capital is one of the world’s leading mid-market investment banking companies. This has mainly been contributed by the firm’s team of professionals who possess the comprehensive knowledge, expertise, and extensive relationships. Having worked with clients in various industries, the company has understood the need for careful analysis and specific recommendation in each case.



Madison Capital Facilitates Minority Recapitalization for ARES Security Corporation



On January 10, 2017, SAT Press reported about the role that Madison Capital played in organizing a minority value and subordinated debt investment in the ARES Security Corporation. Madison acted as the sole financial advisor in the transaction.



The ARES Security Corporation is located in Vienna, Virginia. The company is a major security risk management firm that offers its clients with security software solutions. Corbel Structured Equity Partners contributed the minority recapitalization. This transaction was headed by Reginald McGaugh, the Madison Street’s Senior Managing Director. The company’s CEO, Charles Botchway reported the deal.



Reginald said it was a privilege to work with the Ben Eazzett, the President and Shareholder of Ares Security. Reginald further said that Ares Security is an exclusive company providing the much needed technological solution to safeguard the world’s most significant assets. Also, he said the company’s superior management team challenged Madison Street in identifying the best financial partner.



Ben Eazetta, on the other hand, appreciated the assistance Madison Capital provided them with in 2016. He praised Madison Street Capital’s role in the initial due diligence, the valuation process, and in the course of raising capital. He said the company showed a lot of commitment to the whole process. He concluded by saying he was very optimistic about the future of Ares with the new capital structures.



Furthermore, Ares was confident that working with Corbel towards restructuring the investment was the best alternative in creating outstanding equity value. Lack of enough money had hit Ares’ expansion plans. Corbel’s financial capability is crucial in enabling Ares to increase its sales capacity.



ARES Security Corporation safeguard’s the globe’s most significant assets. The company is a leading player in the provision of security risk management solutions. As such, it protects complex systems run by the government. It also provides protection to the nuclear, power, and the transport industries among others.



Corbel Structured Equity Partners is a structured equity fund that was started in 2013. The company makes non-control investments in profit-making private enterprises. The company has a $95 million capital under its management. This money can be used in the facilitation of growth, purchase of a minority partner, carrying out a strategic acquisition among others.




Madison Street Capital Excels in Financial Options

Madison Street Capital is a capital firm that is privately held. It has majored in international investment banking and has its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. Since its start in the year 2005, it has grown its presence in other areas of the world. The company has its offices in North America, Asia, and Africa. The firm provides financial solutions in different industries such as media, energy, and technology. It has excelled in providing other services in consumer retail, healthcare, agriculture, transportation, and pharmaceuticals. The experience and qualification in the team has seen it develop a wide range of professionals. The firm has since retained its position as the best firm in the industry.


Madison offers its services in five divisions. The first division is known as corporate advisory. Corporate advisory involves several services such as corporate governance, capital restructuring, and private placements. The second division is known as business valuation. It deals with provision of company valuation and tax compliance services. The third division majors in financial reporting. The division has grown to offer services such as intangible asset impairment, shared compensation, price allocation, and structured finance products. The fourth division offers services such as financial opinions. It involves financial advisory services like capital adequacy and solvency. The final division is the fifth division that deals with asset management in the industry. It covers areas such as mergers, sponsor coverage, restructuring services, portfolio valuation services, and acquisitions management.


Madison Street Capital is a leading financial firm and has received several awards for the investment. The company was nominated for the Boutique Banking Investment Firm Award. The award is normally given to top firms in the industry. A firm has to be a small firm and make a big impact in the financial industry markets. A company has to have provided services for many years and made strong and realistic results in the market. Madison Street Capital reputation has seen it become nominated for the Deal of the Year Award. The award is specific for companies that have completed deals that are under $100 million. The company received a huge recognition mainly for their top client known as Dowco.


The nature of services provided by the company has shown that the investment world is competitive. There are several companies that want to take their business to the next level. Madison Street Capital has managed to beat their customers because of proper customer services. The company has always treated its customers well. For any company to succeed today, it must first succeed with a proper customer experience. Many people that benefit from the company make use of its online investment options. Madison Street Capital has several plans for its future. It plans to make several investments that will boost the total financial capital.


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Understanding Fully the Favorable Elements of Investment Banking

Many persons are not quite aware of the many services, currently offered by professional investment banking organizations. Services and products, nowadays, are quite abundant. The article addresses, in some detail, what services a CEO may expect from the investment banking institution.
Understanding more fully public offerings associated with debt and equity securities:

Basically, there are 4 standard types of offerings, relative to the public, inclusive of First off, initial public offerings, better known by their acronym of IPO, which are securities issued by way of organizations that have not ever issued any public securities. Generally, common stock is the first security that is issued within an IPO. Secondly, the offering is an initial public offering of new securities. These are securities that organizations consider already public and are public; which have not been issued prior to their current recognition of issuance. One example, is the issuance of a convertible debt security. Third, there are further public offerings of securities which are currently traded publicly. An example of the third classification is the issuance of additional common stock. Such an issuance comes into play when the price is high enough so that the cost of the Capital is reasonably low. The fourth issuance includes public offerings by shareholders of a corporation for securities that are already publicly traded. An example of the fourth classification is that of a private equity fund wishing to cash out as to its position.

During prior years, the differences in debt and equity securities were clearly obvious:

The debt and equity securities of yesteryear were easy enough to differentiate. The investment banking firm could easily place them into obvious, distinct categories. The investment grade corporate bond was, definitely, quite different from the high yield junk bond. Today, though, the types of bonds are rather blurred. In other words, the distinctions of days past have become unclear. With respect to debt and equity there are more considerations than what is allowable on a chart. The Junior zero-coupon convertible debenture is recognized as more of an equity than it is a debt. The Dutch Auction, preferred stock is considered more of a debt than it is equity. The lines, from a geographic standpoint, are also highly relaxed. The preceding means organizations are able to reach, basically, anywhere around the globe in way of lowering their cost as to Capital.

The concept of private placements of debt and equity securities:

By definition, private placements are the sales of securities to investors, without any requirements in the way of regulation with regard to those public offerings. The regulations which define private placements are highly complicated, and the securities and investment products are many. The range includes that of corporate equities to real estate; therefore, private placements carry with them a much higher return than securities that are similar in structure and that can be traded in the public market. The loss of liquidity is what enhances the risk. In other words, due to the loss of liquidity, the return on these type of securities is higher—proportionately.

Explanation of Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A):

Mergers and acquisitions are what make headlines. The M&As are relative to battles such as takeovers, hostility and fireball defenses. However, not all M&As are on the war path. The majority of M&As are quite friendly. The investment banking organization seeks to optimize the price and terms in order that the best price is acquired. The price may not be the highest price for the seller, due to the fact some deals may involve all cash or confidentiality, in properly closing them. In other words, it may be more important to the seller to keep the deal highly confidential than attaining the highest price. The investment banker, too, does not wish to attain a price that is lowest for its client purchasers. (The client purchaser, as well as the banking organization, both, make it a point to get the deal done properly and the preceding may have much more impact, than getting the lowest price during the sale). The following stated, investment banking organizations are able to facilitate proper price, and finance the M&A. It is important to note, too, that included within an M&A are leverage buyouts by way of private equity as well as the restructuring and recapitalization of organizations. The Merger and Acquisition service may include, too, the reorganization of companies that have fallen into troubled times.

Additional information with regard to Martin Lustgarten:

Martin Lustgarten is CEO of Lustgarten, Martin, an organization that he has founded. He has worked assisting many organizations in reaching their goals.

Martin Lustgarten has long been a resident within the Florida state area. He makes his residence, currently, in Miami with his family.

Let VTA Publications Help You Increase Your Financial Portfolio

Jim Hunt is a successful financial analyst and he gives advice to his high end clients about trading and investing their money. Often times, people have dreams that can pioneer their financial future, but they listen to the advice of naysayers. Negative people will tell you that you don’t have the time or the resources to live out your dreams right now. Hunt says in a recent PRN News article that these are the type of people that you should avoid. He tells his clients to surround themselves with positive people that are going to encourage you and support your dreams.

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