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Jeremy Goldstein providing legal assistance to New Yorkers

New York is a city full of people and those people may need a lawyer for any kind of matter, whether it be a criminal matter, child custody issue, write your will, help with a landlord-tenant problem or other legal issue. Now, both residents and businesses have a simple and easy way of finding and receiving legal help within their own community.


The New York State Bar Association’s trusted Lawyer Referral and Information Service just launched a new online portal for those who are seeking a lawyer. This new service and online portal is available 24 hours a day and is completely confidential. New Yorkers can still use the LRIS phone service if they like.


All lawyers have been approved and vetted by the New York State Bar Association. The New York State Bar Association and its Lawyer Referral and Information Service provides this service as a way to relieve the pressure, when it comes to find a reputable lawyer who can help them. This new service was launched by The New York State Bar Association, with the help of, which is a national provider of technology for the legal field.


This new service by the Lawyer Referral and Information Service allows lawyers to provide their services to more people and at a lower cost. New York has credited Lawyer Referral and Information Service with growing New York’s lawyers’ practices. The New York State Bar Association has become the largest in the United States, with 72,000 members.


One lawyer that is available to help is Jeremy Goldstein, he is partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates. Jeremy Goldstein continues to advise many CEOs, management teams and corporations on a variety of issues including executive compensation and corporate governance.


Jeremy Goldstein has overseen many corporate transactions over the last decade. He often writes and speaks about executive compensation. He continues to support those in need of legal assistance.


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Geoffrey Cone’s Tax Transparency Rules in New Zealand


Taxation in New Zealand

It is normal for citizens to pay tax since it is a primary source of revenue for the government. However, other citizens fail to file for tax payment hence lack of transparency. According to an article published on November 9th, 2012, lawyer Geoffrey Cone explains the transparency of taxation in New Zealand. Through the media coverage, tax in New Zealand is portrayed as transparent and accessible although it is a complicated process.


Geoffrey explains that New Zealand is not a tax haven. Talking of tax havens, such dockets do not impose any tax in addition to the lack of transparency. In most tax havens, the government together with the law withhold vital tax information. New Zealand; therefore, does not qualify as a tax haven as it does not house a secretive banking industry to horde information.


Transparency Standards

According to the OECD Model law on Exchange of Tax Information, the level of clarity on tax supports the international exchange of information for law administration. New Zealand ranked top in the countries marked by OCED. Having implemented the internationally agreed tax standard, New Zealand has demonstrated exemplary leadership. The state handles foreign trusts and trustees requirements transparently. The collected information is channeled to various governments that need relevant tax information.


Taxation Rules

After extensive research in 2006, Michael Cullen introduced new tax rules. The rules stated that a resident trustee from New Zealand is required to submit the Foreign Trust Disclosure form known as IR607 to the IRD. Another rule indicated that the foreigners must file financial records in addition to other vital records for taxation. These are the critical documents required for filing by the New Zealand Tax Department:

  • Trust Deed
  • Settlement and distribution details
  • Details of assets and liabilities
  • Money received
  • Money spent
  • Accounting information


According to the tax department, all records must be stored in New Zealand and recorded in English. All rules must be observed without which, a trustee is subjected to weight penalties. The world standard money laundering legislation enacted the law in 2011, and up to date, it is observed. New Zealand has approximately 39 tax laws contracted to reduce tax impediments. The tax agreements assist in the prevention of tax avoidance in addition to fraud.


About Geoffrey Cone

Mr. Cone is a tax advisor and owner of Cone Marshall Limited, the only New Zealand firm that specializes in foreign trust and tax planning. Geoffrey graduated with LLB honors from the University of Otago in New Zealand. He established Cone Marshall in 1999 after extensive research on tax evasion, tax avoidance, and transparency. Cone Marshall provides trustee and trust management through its affiliates.


Geoff Cone’s New Zealand Influence

Geoffrey Cone knows quite a few thing about New Zealand. As he came from the country, he is familiar with it on a personal level and he knows what it is like to live in the country. This means that he has been able to do more in the country than he was in other countries and it has given him the opportunity to be able to make sure that he is doing things right.

When it comes to the way that things are done in New Zealand, many people think that the country is one that is a tax-free land for everyone. They believe that they may not have to pay taxes once they move to the country and that they will not have to pay taxes once they live there. This is not true and New Zealand natives are hoping that people will stop moving there just because they think that they are going to get away with not paying taxes.

New Zealand does, however, have tax transparency laws. This means that they must report the taxes that people pay and the amount that people make in the country to other countries. They do this by publishing it in plain English for everyone to be able to read no matter where they are or what they are doing. It gives them a chance to show off the skills that they have and to make things better for the area that they are in. There were many times when New Zealanders learned more about taxes from this report.

While New Zealand does not have a completely tax-free outlook on everything, there are many countries that do. Each year, a list is published by world leaders that shows the countries that are tax-free. These countries have different background than New Zealand and they have different capabilities because of the way that things are done. This is something that people can benefit from when they are looking for a tax-free place to live because they can compare, side by side, the way that things are done in each of the countries.

Geoff Cone is one of the attorneys who works to publish the list. He works with people who are in the countries to get the information that they need on running the country. It ensures that they are doing the best that they can and that the countries are all listed on the list. Since Geoff Cone has been able to publish the list, he has actually benefitted from it and has used it for himself. Even though he is from New Zealand originally, he has chosen to live in a tax-free country to help himself save money on taxes.

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The Abundance of Lawyers in Brazil

Recently, there has been a surge of lawyers in Brazil. This could be due to the need to understand the law. For one thing, people become lawyers so that they can understand the law. However, there are a few things to consider about lawyers in Brazil, they are very honest and are willing to present the law in a way that is truthful. It doesn’t matter who they represent, they are willing to make sure justice comes through no matter what side wins. Therefore, lawyers in Brazil are some of the more trustworthy lawyers that some are going to deal with.
One of the most trustworthy lawyers is Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho. He has started small in a firm. He eventually started his own firm which has come to be the most successful firm in Brazil. One of the reasons that it is so successful is that Ricardo Costoo and his lawyers are very passionate about the study of law. For one thing, thye not only study the law, but they also make sure that they have a deep understanding of it so that they know how to avoid violating the rights of others. Ricardo Tosto makes sure that his clients and his lawyers have a deep understanding of the law that keeps them comfortably within the bounds of the law.

Lawyers in Brazil like Ricardo Tosto will not only represent someone in court, but he will also help people conduct themselves in a way that may reduce the sentence and the penalties. Ricardo is also able to represent the person in court who has been treated unjustly so that they could find some kind of compensation. Ricardo Tosto not only has a lot of experience in representing the law, but he also has a winning track record of running cases.