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Sawyer Howitt- Young And Soaring In The Business World

Sawyer Howitt is a 17-year-old entrepreneur who works as the project manager for the Meriwether Group, Inc. This is a company that deals with principal investments in Portland, Oregon. Sawyer is in his senior year of high school and has managed to juggle between his studies, internship and his work in the business and finance sector. He has been the project manager at Meriwether Group for nine months.

As a project manager, Sawyer Howitt is conversant with the financial and operational needs of businesses. He also understands ways in which a brand can be made to resonate and connect with the consumers. He has proved capable of handling complex spreadsheets and boardroom presentations. Sawyer also takes on the smaller but essential jobs such as filing and taking the notes during meetings.

Despite his age, Sawyer has had vast experience in the business sector. He has been a director for some philanthropic organizations which support causes such as defending women’s rights. The teams he directed have also been involved in Educational funding and helping troubled youths find mentors. Sawyer Howitt has also impressively led international ethnic studies groups. He was the customer care representative at Kure Juice Bar.

Sawyer will join the University of California, Berkeley, in fall 2017. He plans to study for Entrepreneurial Finance. This degree program will help him advance his career as an entrepreneur. When he has some time in his hands, Sawyer Howitt likes to catch some trout in the river or to watch the Portland Trail Blazers play. Like any other young person, Sawyer wants to keep up with the trends in music, popular culture, and fashion. As an ambitious entrepreneur, he looks at how these patterns intersect with the world of commerce.

Sawyer Howitt has continuously been involving with projects that research changing the face of commerce in the future. Given that businesses are now operating in a technological age, Sawyer looks at how companies adapt to the dynamic nature of technical changes. Sawyer Howitt has a good business mentor with his father, David Howitt who is the founder of the Meriwether Group.

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