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Entrepreneurial Tech

 Business Insider has called Billy McFarland a “tech wiz.” Bloomberg and CNBC have called him a “natural entrepreneur, who has engineered a way to attract and monetize millennials.”

Mcfarland believes in using technology to bring together communities, industries, and people. This passion began at age 12, when he was hiding computers and teaching himself to code. He founded several companies while in high school. Some were acquired.

McFarland launched Magnises in 2014. From 200 members to more than thirty thousand, the company is the world’s fastest growing experiential benefits plan. The members-only plan serves the tech, fitness, fashion, and entertainment industries. Utilizing a personalized black card, young professionals have access special deals and events in Chicago, Washington, D.C., New York City, and San Francisco.

Flash your Magnises card and get discounts or reservations at bars, clubs, restaurants, getaways, and concerts.

Among the benefits: WorkPass. New York members, for $99 a month, have access to Alley’s facilities, usually costing $500 a month. ClubPass. For $65 a month, members have access to New York’s most exclusive nightclubs. HotelPass. Members stay at the New York location of the Dream Hotel for $79 a night. Everyone else pays $245.

Magnises is not McFarland’s only endeavor.

He launched Spling, (a startup for content sharing and optimization) while studying engineering at Bucknell University. Hearst, Universal, and Disney have been among Spling’s customers.

LEAP (Learning Entrepreneurship Through Active Participation) helps middle and high school students learn business and technology skills.

The Accelerate Foundation connects professional athletes with mentors to help the transition to corporate life.

Billy McFarland, born in 1991 in New York City, grew up in Short Hills, NJ. He is ambitious and lives passionately in his professional, personal, and philanthropic pursuits.