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Mark Hutchinson, An Advocate for Wildlife

Growing up between Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales, Mark Hutchinson’s earliest memories of the wilderness are holidays spent on farms and long dusty tracks in Australia. Hutchinson’s first adventure company was created after his first year jackarooing in Northern Australia. Mark is an advocate for the world’s wilderness areas. Ever since he was a kid, Mark loved the world around him and wanted to preserve it. Early on, Mark loved spending time camping and fishing in Northern Australia. He loved the idea of traveling around the vast wilderness and with his education in economics, he decided to turn it into a company. Learn more:

At 19, he established his first company, UNTAMED, which evolved into Avana. With a desire to share his experience and knowledge with others, Mark’s business focused on educating and inspiring people about the wild. In addition to spreading his knowledge, Hutchinson launched a new business in 2016. His new business, Wild Ark, has a different focus. Wild Ark focuses on protecting earth’s biodiversity and reconnecting people with the world around them, hopefully inspiring these people to want to make a difference in earth’s fragile ecosystems.

In his travels, mark was able to meet Anton Lategan, who would become his longtime friend and business partner. Avana was eventually re-branded into a training business, which grew larger and larger, eventually becoming part of the Vocation Group IPO. Letting the business go was hard for Mark and everyone involved in it. The idea for his second business, Wild Ark, came from Mark’s desire to let wildlife live in abundant biodiversity. He believes that the human race needs rewilding because of its lost connection with the wilderness. Learn more: 

Mark connects with nature everyday by raising his family between the wild and an urban area. He connects with nature everywhere he goes and is bringing his family along with him. Mark loves meeting other people with unique skills that involve nature. Today, Mark and his family are very much involved in their Wild Ark business and are learning to connect themselves and others with the world around them. Learn more: