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Whitney Wolfe Creates Friendships For Women

Bumble BFF is the latest creation by Whitney Wolfe, Chief Executive Officer of the Bumble dating app. Bumble BFF, a subsection of the original app, was started in an effort to form friendships between women. It is a way for women to connect and interact with other women. Many users of the Bumble dating app has checked out the new feature. It received over 1 million swipes within the first week.

Online dating has become more popular in the last few years. More people are connecting and forming relationships through their cellphones. Therefore, dating apps have been in high demand. Bumble became the first dating app that allowed women to take control.

Bumble BFF was started in order to give women companionship, support, and safety until the time came for them to get married. Whitney Wolfe anticipates that women will utilize the app in case they have to relocate and need to make new friends.

The BFF featured can be assessed by downloading the Bumble dating app. Bumble was created with safety in mind. It protects against Catfishing, a way of using false identities to trick others into an online relationship. Bumble BFF offers the same safety measures.

Whitney Wolfe is working on another project called Bumble Bizz, a networking, business and career app.

About Whitney Wolfe
Whitney Wolfe got her start early. At the age of 19, she started her first business. She sold bamboo tote bags in an effort to help those affected by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in 2010. In 2014, Wolfe created Bumble, a popular dating app. Bumble registered 10 billion swipes and were responsible for 800 matches every month. Most of the users were women, accounting for more than half.

Wolfe received her education from Southern Methodist University and majored in International Studies. She was featured as one of Business Insider’s 30 Most Important Women Under 30 In Tech.

The Life and Career Success of Glen Wakeman

With a career that spans over two decades, Glen R. Wakeman is one of the few successful business-oriented individuals in the business and finance industry. Currently, Glen is the CEO and the founder of Launchpad Holdings; a company that brings together a fully automated system that enables different entrepreneurs to organize their ideas into a more workable plan.

Glen Wakeman began his career at GE Capital where he held the business developmental and P&L positions. While working at GE Capital, Wakeman was recognized as a role model in Growth Leadership by the company’s Board of Directors. Apart from this, Glen was the founder and the president of Nova Four, a company that deals in providing strategic advice as well as access to capital for starting and maintaining a business.

Glen’s desire to build a business empire by improving the company’s agility has proven an asset in his career as a financial advisor and executive mentor. He bases his methodology to improve a business on five different pillars namely Leadership, Human Capital, Execution, Governance, and Risk Management.

Throughout his career and the various positions that he has held, Glen has immensely revolutionized various business and managed assets that are worth more than $15 billion (NewsSky). His overall work has included guiding start-up companies, enabling new market entry, M&As, exponential growth, and divestitures.

Apart from being an investor, Glen has also used his writing skills to educate and share his overall insight on emerging markets, international fiscal matters, strategy, and management and administration. The information that he publishes on his blog has helped a lot of enthusiastic business individuals. Glen also mentors several C-level executives and couples up as an advisor to various startups such as Dreamfunded and Sitter Bees.

Wakeman attended the University of Scranton where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Finance in the year 1981. He later joined the University of Chicago where he successfully pursued and graduated with an MBA in Finance. Having lived in six different countries, Glen has overseen the growth and success of various companies in these countries.

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Doe Deere “The Queen Of Unicorns” is owning LIME CRIME

Doe Deere! So colorful! So bright!! Known as ‘The Queen of Unicorns.’ Founder of Lime Crime, her cosmetic brand that shares her passion for make up. Doe Deer was born in Russia. She moved to the United States when she was 17 years old. Deere’s journey first started as a musician, and make up soon followed. She lived and became an adult in Manhattan and Brooklyn, New York, where she played in a band.

It was in New York that she met her husband, who is also known as her business partner. She is extremely happy with him and they learned over time how to work wonderfully together!

Doe’s advice to others would be to follow your dreams, know that somewhere within you is a quality that only you possess. One of her favorite quotes was “go where you love” and really explore that. That’s pretty much how Lime Crime, the make up company was born. Lime crime was profiting because Doe decided that she was going to create bright colored make up because it was so hard to find, especially back in 2008.

DD wasn’t the only one who craved unusual bright colors. Turns out lots of girls have been craving the Lime Crime products made by the Queen of Unicorns. This meant Mrs. Deere’s business was made to Boom!

Doe was asked over and over where she got the name Lime Crime. She would explain the name just popped up in her head! In actuality, it turned out being a combination of her favorite color, bright green and crime which signified color revolution, breaking the rules, and not being afraid to color outside the lines! Sounds exciting right? Admitting that Lime Crime may be a bit extraordinary the name is definitely a blessing in disguise. Why does she refer to her fans as unicorns? Unicorns are different and they are born that way, aware of it and PROUD!

Experimenting and having fun was something she brought in Lime Crime when she started the brand back in 2008. Makeup gives DD the freedom to be herself without the fear of being judged.


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The Kind Woman Of Substance, Malini Saba.

Malini Saba is a spectacular mother, philanthropist and a successful investor. Through Stree: Global Investments in Women, she assists at-risk women and kids throughout the world. She started the organization to help children and females in developing world that are underserved. Dealing with governments in developing countries has been challenging but her zeal to see positive policy encourages her to persist. Her role model is Mother Theresa. To her, success is about happiness that is brought by doing what you love. Her daughter is her greatest success. Malini Saba believes that we should learn from past experiences as the past is unchangeable. She insists that there must be borders between personal and business life, and she never allows personal situations to affect her business.


Stree is a non-profit organization that seeks to change roles and the perspective of low-income and at-risk women. It was inaugurated in by Queen Noor and President Clinton, and over the years it has provided forums to grassroots movements in Central America, Asia, Eastern Europe and Africa. The organization has encouraged positive policies in marginalized communities to help them access safe water, better laws that protect them and also have secure habitats. Malini believes that children and women are the future and thus providing them with educational opportunities, healthcare and safe place to live makes a big difference.


The philanthropist donated $1M to start Heart Research Centre at El Camino Hospital California and also pledged $10M to assist tsunami victims in Sri Lanka and India. She has been named as the Philanthropist of the Year by Prathama and was awarded the Mother Theresa Award by the LA County. The serial entrepreneur started investing in the 1990s by investing as a Silicon Valley venture capitalist. She began investing in real estate, commodities and telecommunication after being advised by investment bankers. Some of the companies that she has invested in include PayPal Inc, Sycamore Networks Inc and Netscreen Technologies.


She is the chairperson of Saban, a company with investment in technology, real estate and air and gas. The top investor operates Iron ore mines and also invests in agriculture. She owns large hectares of palm oil and acres of rice fields. Malini holds a Masters Degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology and has been awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year by Washington DC’s Businesswomen Network. The go-getter is never afraid of taking risks and recommends all entrepreneurs to believe in themselves. She is a hands-on woman and always manages all her businesses from all over the world and also takes care of her daughter.