Diversant – Providing Opportunities to Minorities Nationwide

Diversant is a fully certified Minority-owned Business Enterprise (MBE) and IT staffing and placement agency for both large- and small-scale projects and businesses in the United States. The company is known as the largest African American owned business enterprise in the country. As an MBE, Diversant operates on a set of standards, guidelines, and values that reflect both the constantly-changing world of technology and the ever-increasing recognition of the importance of equality for all people, particularly African Americans. The company’s leadership team consists of a number of notable names, such as current CEO Gene Waddy, COO Jim Yoshimura, and perhaps most notably, entrepreneur and technology mogul John Goullet.

As mentioned before, John Goullet is an Information Technology specialist and entrepreneur. Goullet holds specialities both in the IT field itself and in staffing for Information Systems services. He is also an application developer and programmer, a marketer, a front- and back-end web developer, and a network engineer. He attended Ursinus College of the Greater Philadelphia Area from 1979 to 1983, at which point he began his career as a private IT consultant and specialist, which he continued until July of 1994, when he founded the company Info Technologies, Inc., of which he remained the owner and also held the positions of chairman and CEO until February of 2010, when the company merged with Diversant, Inc. to become Diversant, LLC. At that time, he handed the position of CEO over to Gene Waddy, and kept his position as chairman of the board of directors, which he still holds today.

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