Doe Deere “The Queen Of Unicorns” is owning LIME CRIME

Doe Deere! So colorful! So bright!! Known as ‘The Queen of Unicorns.’ Founder of Lime Crime, her cosmetic brand that shares her passion for make up. Doe Deer was born in Russia. She moved to the United States when she was 17 years old. Deere’s journey first started as a musician, and make up soon followed. She lived and became an adult in Manhattan and Brooklyn, New York, where she played in a band.

It was in New York that she met her husband, who is also known as her business partner. She is extremely happy with him and they learned over time how to work wonderfully together!

Doe’s advice to others would be to follow your dreams, know that somewhere within you is a quality that only you possess. One of her favorite quotes was “go where you love” and really explore that. That’s pretty much how Lime Crime, the make up company was born. Lime crime was profiting because Doe decided that she was going to create bright colored make up because it was so hard to find, especially back in 2008.

DD wasn’t the only one who craved unusual bright colors. Turns out lots of girls have been craving the Lime Crime products made by the Queen of Unicorns. This meant Mrs. Deere’s business was made to Boom!

Doe was asked over and over where she got the name Lime Crime. She would explain the name just popped up in her head! In actuality, it turned out being a combination of her favorite color, bright green and crime which signified color revolution, breaking the rules, and not being afraid to color outside the lines! Sounds exciting right? Admitting that Lime Crime may be a bit extraordinary the name is definitely a blessing in disguise. Why does she refer to her fans as unicorns? Unicorns are different and they are born that way, aware of it and PROUD!

Experimenting and having fun was something she brought in Lime Crime when she started the brand back in 2008. Makeup gives DD the freedom to be herself without the fear of being judged.


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