How Raj Fernando Got Where He Is

Raj Fernando has worked hard for everything that he has and this has allowed him the chance to see the true value in what he does and what it can get him if only he continues to work hard when it comes to the different things that he wants. He has been able to get all of these things by simply doing the right thing and never giving up.

It all started for Raj Fernando when he was in college. He was studying business and decided to do some work for the Mercantile Exchange. This was a great decision that he made and led to him eventually learning how to work the right way in trading. Raj Fernando was very dedicated even during that first job and that allowed him the chance to make sure that he was doing the right thing later on in his career. He learned so much about trading when he worked for the Mercantile Exchange. He translated this experience to his career later on.

Upon leaving college, Raj knew what he had to do. He did not want to work for a company where he was tied down with the rules that come with working in different companies and for different people. He wanted to work for himself where he was able to make his own success and he knew that the only way that he could do that was with starting his own trading company. He began the process for starting a business and that is how Chopper Trading was born.

After making Chopper Trading extremely successful, he took the opportunity to sell the business. He knew that selling it was in his best interests and he used the money that he got from it to start another trading business. This business is Scoutahead and is the business that he is currently the CEO of. It has been even more successful than what Chopper Trading was and it gave Raj Fernando the chance to see what it was like to truly own a company that was successful and that was able to make a difference in trading.

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