IOA CEO Heath Ritenour Interview

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Heath Ritenour Interview

Heath Ritenour is the CEO of IOA and the president of the IOA Foundation. He has worked to see the family business grow into turning into the thirteenth biggest privately held protection organization in the United States. Heath Ritenour has won awards and accolades in the industry. He has over 25 years of experience in insurance. His prowess is skewed towards personal and business risk management.

When asked about IOA, the CEO said it was his father’s idea and vision to create a brokerage firm that prioritized employees and clients. The thought was based on having a great organizational culture where workers and customers would come first. This would create satisfied employees translating to happy customers.

The CEO talked about first talking to his mentors and other thought leaders on bringing ideas to life. Heath says Working together with regarded people is critical to acquiring trust in any arrangement, thought, or expected activity. After this underlying joint effort, he at that point takes the outcomes to his monthly Key Executive gathering to acquire extra criticism prior to following up on a thought.

Regarding insurance trends that intrigue him, Heath says that the insurance business is starting to receive game-changing innovation at long last. The CEO says the insurance industry has been delayed to change, and he loves to see this pattern beginning to occur. “Verifiably, the protection business has been ready with old-fashioned operational practices, bulky administrative work, and different elements that have hindered the interaction. By executing instinctive innovation, and permitting purchasers to get data in a way generally helpful for their own inclination, we will actually want to contact people in a cutting edge, significant way,” says Heath.

Heath says the key to being a successful entrepreneur is focusing on the highest and best use. Self-accountability is the only best way not to remain stuck for a long time doing the same thing.

On things that a few people agree with him, he says that success is less than psychometric uprightness and luck but rather a result of hard work. Success only comes when you input time, energy, and effort. His favorite quote is, “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”-Albert Einstein

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