Jason Hope Weighs in On How the Environment Can Be Saved Using IoT Technology

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There are numerous debates taking place around the globe, and climate change is one of them. For instance, Australia and the Amazon had caught the entire world’s attention when there was a raging fire that led to the death of many wild animals. It is crucial to ensure that surveillance systems are incorporated in some of the unpopulated areas. As a tech enthusiast and philanthropist, Jason Hope is confident that IoT technology will help preserve the environment. Such forms of technology are supposed to be incorporated in the areas that have been significantly affected by climate change. 


Jason Hope

Using IoT technology, it is possible to gain access to real-time data while also tracking different changes in the environment such that different catastrophic events can be prevented. Currently, there are more than 10 billion devices that are equipped with IoT technology around the globe. In the next five years or less, Jason Hope has predicted, the number is expected to rise to 25 billion devices. The IoT-equipped devices can collect data which, when analyzed by professionals, can help to slow down the damage caused by humans. 


For instance, disasters affecting different areas, including the Amazon, can be prevented. According to futuris, investor and entrepreneur Jason Hope, the forms of technology that have come in handy in the fight against climate change include:


  1. Trailguard AI


Numerous zoos have been established with the sole aim of preserving wildlife that is at risk. Using the Trailguard cameras, it is possible to achieve such goals. Intel has played a crucial role in the formation of the Trailguard AI. The vision system in the Trailguard AI usually processes images, and the camera has a battery that will last for more than a year. According to Jason Hope, it is small, which means it can be easily concealed. Using the Trailguard AI, it is possible to preserve the wildlife present in some remote areas.


  1. Instant Detect 2.0


The monitoring system usually keeps track of human and wildlife activity. If there are any hazards, Instant Detect 2.0 won’t hesitate to detect each one of them, including poaching. Although we have briefly looked into how IoT technology can help preserve the environment, we can now agree that Jason Hope is right.