John Ritenour Looks Back at 30+ Years of Professional Growth

CEO Insurance busines

From his early years, John Ritenour has always been hardworking, and as a result, in 1988, he managed to start his own insurance company called Insurance Office of America (IOA). John Ritenour wanted to change how insurance companies took advantage of their clients by looking at the profits they made first instead of the value they added to a client. At first, John sold insurance by moving from one door to the other, and with time, he was able to save up and set up his own company. IOA has operations in the US and London. What is more, it has been ranked among the best insurance companies in the US.

Together with his son, John Ritenour ventured into the sports department and founded IOA Sports Division. It is most preferred as it offers customized insurance to teams and players. The IOA Sports Division starts by establishing a partnership with the team. The partnership allows for IOA to evaluate the teams’ insurance cover and identify any gaps. IOA carries out extensive research on the risks that the team faces and then educates them on the best way to cover the risks. To add to that, IOA also offers the teams the best advice on avoiding the risks. The company finally charges excellent prices for the insurance.

On the other hand, the teams allow IOA to publicize the company during their events. IOA may sponsor the teams, collaborate when offering to charities, work together in community development activities, give away tickets, among others. The partnership works well for both parties as they both benefit. The sports market appreciated to about $471 billion in 2018. Considering that vast sums of money get involved, it is only safe if the teams are insured because the teams would have to settle large payments to go back to their initial position if a risk occurs.

IOA has been working with many teams over the years. Its first team was Orlando Magic which played a huge role in advertising the company. Other teams have since joined and include swimming, basketball, football, racing, among others. With the proper advice from John Ritenour, the company has managed to put the client’s needs first while offering quality services.

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