Malcolm CasSelle has come up with new interventions to solve problems experienced in the gaming sector

WAX, a Worldwide Asset eXchange company has come up with new ways in which customers in the gaming industry can reduce friction while carrying out transactions between them. One of the main problems experienced in the gaming industry is the language barrier and the geographical issues where a user has to use brokers or in other words go-betweens because the other person whom they are buying from or selling t does not use the same utility token.

WAX has come to solve most of these problems by providing a common taken to be used by the all the users in the gaming industry. One of the best advantages brought about by WAX is that players will be able to purchase assets from other players without switching off their games using the blockchain-enabled token provided by WAX. This will help to save time thus increasing the efficiency in the sector.

Another advantage of the WAX tokens is that the players will be using an ordinary token meaning that there will be no language barrier between the players and the difference in the form of currencies that may sometimes force players to use go-betweens for them to transact with one another.

Besides, there is an added advantage that comes along with the elimination of go-betweens. This is the reduction in the amount of fraud that results from the use of middle men and also fragmentation. This has enabled to increase the confidence of the players in their transactions and hence increasing the number of participants in the gaming industry.

WAX will also enable the gamer to acquire assets in a decentralized and democratic market, meaning that they will have a wide variety of assets to choose according to their tastes and preferences thus eliminating the risks and uncertainties in a centralized form of a market.

WAX was founded by Malcolm CasSell who is today the president of the company. He has vast experience in various technology companies, and he has a rich educational background in this sector. He holds a bachelors degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a masters degree from Stanford University both in Computer Science. This is enough reason for the gamers to find him reliable in this field.