Sahm Adrangi’s red flags on Eastman Kodak

Sahm Adrangi realized some negative red flags concerning Eastman Kodak. He narrates that, the company issues mainly affects Kodakcoin and Kodakone. To begin with, Sahm Adrangi insists that Kodakone is affected by flawed and poor management from the WENN Digital Inc. He seems to lack trust to the company hence suspecting the management’s services offered by the company.

The company has a history of poor management and inferior tactics of tracking records. He suspects the company of having a poor background. Also, he expresses his complaints about the Appcoin ways of innovation. He complains that the Appcoin works hand in hand with the firm which seems to have suspicious past.

Sahm Adrangi expresses the problem to have occurred from the member’s board of management. The members tend to restrict themselves from the stock of Kodakone just before it was introduced into the market. He considers it as illegal hence it may bring into rigorous board investigations. The investigations by the SEC are in one word called insider trading.

According to Sahm Adrangi, Kodak’s has got different partnerships although it experiences declined revenues, risks and negative profits. The company has shown its attempt to operate at the profit side although the efforts have not beard any fruit. He is afraid that the company may be affected in future as well as the other companies too.

Eastman Kodak hoped that the step they took of releasing a blockchain would help in recovering from the revenue they had lost. The company experiences high stock without customers to purchase them. The company’s attempt to chase after ICO may bear no fruits hence it may be closed later on.

Sahm Adrangis held a conference to express their dissatisfaction with the poor management of the company. He said that the matter should be taken with a lot of seriousness for the company to be revived. The conference was to bring in new ideas of how the company should adopt new methods in sectors of management.

The reluctant board members were forced to attend the meeting because they were the leading cause of the company’s deterioration. Sahm Adrangi addressed the audience on management planning and business management tactics.

Contributions Made By Dr. Shafik Sachedina In The Community

Dr. Shafik Sachedina was born on May 1950 in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania. After moving to England, he settled and changed his nationality to a British citizen who now holds numerous positions in various healthcare organizations.

He graduated in 1975 as a qualified dental surgeon from the Guy’s Hospital Medical and Dental School at the University of London. Backed with some years of experience practicing in England in the Health-care department, he has come up with compelling entrepreneurial interests. Shafik Sachedina holds four appointments, and his first appointment took place when he was 41 years old. His highest appointment lasted 20 years in the Islamic Publications.

Shafik Sachedina is the Head of Department at Jamati Institutions which was founded by His Highness the Aga Khan and established with the Secretariat of Aga Khan in Aiglemont in France. His principal role in the institution is not constitutional meaning he is to correspond the activities and projects in Ismaili community’s organization in the 16 critical areas that the organization exists. His other key role is to coordinate with Aga Khan Development Network projects and organizations of Ismaili organizations in Central parts of Asia. The community has an age-old tradition for voluntary service, and he fulfills this by working with institutions such as Jamati and the Aga Khan.

This institution was developed in 1977. The Ismaili Institute of Muslim study is in London. The primary function of this institution is for research purposes with the aim of boosting the research and knowledge of Muslim history and current cultures and societies. The institution provides the members with a platform to further understanding of their community and discuss issues like Shi’ism and esotericism which are rarely addressed.

Shafik Sachedina is also a Joint Chairman with Mr. Shiraz Boghani at the Sussex Health Care Organization. SHC is an organization with the aim of administering healthcare as well as support services established in Sussex County in South England. This organization is looking to be a key participant in quality home care provision after being found in 1985. The Sussex Healthcare can stand out because it prioritizes quality life for their patients. This organization equips senior citizens with state of the art equipment for therapy, physiotherapy and reflexology services. The patients are provided with a 24/7 support from the nurses and an up to date gym. Furthermore, the patients are provided with quality meals cooked by quality chefs using fresh ingredients.

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NV continues creating strong revenues for Jeunesse Global

Jeunesse Global has made headlines as one of the fastest-expanding health and beauty companies in the world. Founded in 2009 by industry pioneers Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, the company has grown from a small garage-based startup to become one of the most important global distributors of health and beauty products.

Ray and Lewis were able to harness their decades of experience in the health, beauty and direct-marketing industries, quickly creating a formidable business plan and a lineup of some of the greatest and most innovative products that the health and beauty world has seen in decades. As one of the most skilled and well-connected product developers in the world, Lewis was able to spot market niches that had gone largely uncontested by the biggest names in health and beauty. She then hired the top scientists and engineers in the world to help Jeunesse craft products that meet the needs and exceed the expectations of millions of customers across the globe.

One example of the innovation that Jeunesse has consistently put on display is the company’s foundation and bronzer. Known as NV, the formula is able to compete head-to-head with some of the most well-established names in the business. The foundation is strong enough that many users say it can be used alone, obviating the need for the application of makeup at all. As a bronzer and mild skin tone modifier, NV likewise stands on its own as a strong product that is offered at a highly competitive price.

But where NV really shines is in doing what so many Jeunesse products are singularly capable of: staving off the worst effects of aging. NV contains the company’s patented APT-200 molecule, a substance that has been clinically shown to dramatically reduce wrinkles and prevent new ones from forming. The molecule is also able to help restore elasticity to the skin that has been lost to the aging process. Additionally, APT-200 helps to create a vibrant, youthful glow that only Jeunesse products can truly deliver.

Together, these benefits of NV can wipe years off of a user’s apparent age and help people look their best all day long.

Aloha Construction

Businesses that do their best encourage others to rise to the occasion. Aloha Construction has a history of ethical decision making in their business sector and was awarded with the Torch Award from the Better Business Bureau in 2017.

Aloha Construction provides contracting services to the greater Illinois and Southern Wisconsin areas. With over 20,000 projects completed, they have covered the midwest with their superior contracting services. Aloha Construction is fully licensed and insured, and offers a ten year craftsmanship warranty.

Aloha specializes in roofing and siding services but also offers comprehensive gutter and downspout maintenance and installation as well as window replacement and fascia/soffit repair.

Aloha Construction won the Torch Award for their ethical practices in business and customer relations as well as for their community services work. Their focus has been on working with children in need. Their volunteer work includes a partnership with Omni Youth Services, where they worked to provide a Christmas shopping spree for kids. They also sent a child with congenital heart disease to a Bulls game with twelve friends and sponsored the Bloomington Boys and Girls Club.

In addition to their work in the community, Aloha also offers generous employee incentive programs. As a family owned business, the president and CEO Dave Farbanky cites that the company is just doing the right thing, but “it’s humbling when people notice it.” The decades of work Aloha Construction has done in the community and with their employees will continue in the greater Illinois area for years to come. They are dedicated to providing superior services to their clients as well as their employees, encouraging other businesses to follow their lead and make ethical decision making a priority.

If you’re looking for a great place to work or need roofing services, look no further than Aloha Construction. Make choosing ethical business a priority!

The US is Rapidly Losing the Battle Says Shervin Pishevar

The Dow Jones has been in flux lately, having already relinquished much of the gains tied to a solid 2017, and amid a 1000 point loss over the course of mere hours, founder of An investing firm Ventures, Shervin Pishevar, recently called out the US President, Donald Trump, after he’d publicly supported the trajectory of the market via Twitter.

Creating the hashtag, TrumpDump, Shervin Pishevar quickly backed up his claims regarding a failing market – views for which he’d just expressed during a 24-hour tweetstorm, in which the seemingly clairvoyant investor touched on a myriad of issues regarding globalism, the stock market, and entrepreneurship. During his return to the social media network, Shevin Pishevar went on to predict an impending fall for the stock market weighing in at a 6000 point loss. The losses were a result of a large sell-off, in which the initial 500 point loss occurred in under an hour.

Shervin Pishevar also disclosed his views regarding the highly discussed cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, predicting that losses, which have mounted considerably in recent months, may go forth for a period of time, but within 24 months, the price should rise steadily. When speaking on entrepreneurship, Mr. Pishevar discussed the lag in American innovation, particularly when compared to powerhouses such as China and South Korea. He referenced China’s ability to build a train station in on only a number of hours with the help of a massive workforce; these types of erecting capabilities could not be realistically completed with the same level of efficiency in the current United States. Shervin Pishevar also discussed the state of Silicon Valley, which once played a dominant roll in the rise of most major tech companies, but has since lost much of its luster.

This level of innovation that was virtually unique to Silicon Valley can now be demonstrated by most major competitive markets around the world, making project execution within the United States, borders no longer a necessity. To couple with this notion, many of the bright startups that are coming out of Silicon Valley, are being swallowed up by giant entities, making these few companies more powerful, while limiting the power of the United States’ innovative collective.

Dr. Saad Saad, A Compassionate Leader In The Field Of Pediatric Surgery

Dr. Saad Saad has been a practicing surgeon for more than 42 years. He worked tirelessly throughout his career to perform complex and lifesaving pediatric surgery for children in need. Dr. Saad is now retired from his previous leadership as the co-director of K Hovnanian Children Hospital at Hackensack Meridian Health Care System. Dr. Saad deeply believed in treating each child from infants to teen, as his own child. He has selflessly gone on eight surgical missions to Jerusalem, where he has performed numerous surgeries free of charge to children in need.


Dr. Saad Saad is of Palestinian heritage, and grew up in Kuwait. He received his medical degree from Egypt’s Cairo University ranking second in his class and graduating as the salutatorian, with honors. Dr. Saad is USA Board Certified in Pediatric Surgery. He worked under the prestgious Dr. H Biemann Othersen in Charleston, SC. Considered one of the finest pioneers in the field of pediatric surgery. Dr. H Biemann Othersen instilled in the young Dr. Saad the importance of honesty, kindness and hardwork. Dr. H Biemann Othersen believed in treating all children equally, despite financial status, race, religion, or sex. A heartfelt belief that Dr. Saad took with him throughout his extensive career as a pediatric surgeon.


Dr. Saad was not born into a wealthy family, and so he felt he had no other choice but to excel in his studies to become a success. He originally thought that he would follow in his brothers footsteps, by working onsite as an engineer. While still in high-school. While working outdoors in the excessive heat of the Kuwaitian summer, Dr. Saad decided that working indoors to make a difference would be a better choice for him. It ultimately lead him to work in hospitals, and then in the air conditioned surgical operating room.


Dr. Saad feels honored to have made a difference in the field of pediatric surgery. He has patented two inventions, and his innovations have made a difference in the development and use of new and advanced pediatric techniques. He has performed thousands of successful surgeries on children of all ages throughout the years. His reviews and his legacy to the field of pediatrics shows Dr. Saad as being a skilled and caring surgeon above and beyond his duty. He has received the Compassionate Doctor Recognition (2014). An honor only given to physicians who treat their patients with the utmost kindness, and the most caring bedside manners. He also was honored with the Patients’ Choice Award (2014). An honor only given to physicians who have received near perfect scores, and is voted and bestowed by patients.


Dr. Saad believes in the power of research. Because research leads to results. His tireless research is what has led him to achieve so many great results in the field of pediatric surgery. The foremost piece of advice that Dr. Saad would give to his younger self is to remember that reaching your goals is not impossible if you believe in it. He also stresses the necessity of organization for quality production. Being organized and not procrastinating tasks led him to attain the best results in all aspects of life.


Today, Dr Saad is most proud of his family. He is the father of an ICU nurse, lawyer, and two surgeons. He has been happily married for 42 years. Learn more:

The Thought Processes that Go Towards Building a Facility Like Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Shopping

When it comes to creating a place for people to visit, one thing that is important to think about is the type of experience that it is going to offer customers. At this point, many business owners realize that customers do not go to a store just to buy products. If they did, then they would not care about how the store looked or how they are treated. This is one of the most important things that Roberto Santiago understood. Therefore, he has thought a lot about what he wanted to offer his customers when he has built his mall. He has also made enhancements to his mall and expanded it.


There are a lot of things that customers look for when they go shopping. Roberto Santiago thought about all of the different reasons that customers go shopping. He also thought about what is offered in the area. When customers go shopping, they do look for products. However, different customers are going to look for different things. Therefore, Roberto Santiago made sure that he can provide for different tastes and preferences. He has thought about this when he has built his mall. He has also thought about this when he has looked at retailers that are looking for spaces.


Another thing that Roberto Santiago realizes is that some people are looking for something new. Therefore, he wanted to make sure that he is offering something that other malls are not offering. If he just offered more of the same thing, then he would not be very successful with his mall. He is not going to attract that many customers if his mall only offered the exact same things as the other smaller malls. In his creativity, Roberto understood that there is more to a mall than its size.


Manaira Shopping is such a hit with the public. One of the reasons that it is so successful is that Roberto Santiago is always looking at what he can do to improve on what he offers. He does not just provide something and then leave it to the people. He knows that if there is nothing being done for its improvement, then it is eventually going to fail.


Hussain Sajwani Looks Back On A Successful And Varied Career

The business career of Hussain Sajwani is far from over and continues to flourish across many different areas of real estate, catering, and the hospitality industry. After graduating from college in the U.S., Sajwani made the decision to begin working for a major oil and gas exploration company in the finance department of the company which has been a major source of inspiration for developing his entrepreneurial spirit with a focus on creating a brighter future for himself and his family.


Throughout his career, Hussain Sajwani has spent a large amount of his time exploring the possibilities offered by creating his own business including the desire to become a more impressive entrepreneur each and every year. Creating his own business has been a major part of the life and work of Hussain Sajwani as he began assisting his father while still studying at a school in his fathers business and was quickly bitten by the entrepreneurial bug from a very young age.


Hussain Sajwani is not one to look back on his career and regret the decisions he has made as he believes he has developed his business skills based on the experiences he has completed over the years; working in the financial department of the Abu Dhabi Oil and Gas Corporation for two years before starting the DAMAC catering services is seen by Hussain Sajwani as a moment to savor as he has spent the majority of his time learning the requirements of contracts and payment processing which have served him well over the years.


Hussain Sajwani has become one of the leading luxury real estate entrepreneurs of the 21st-century with a growing presence on the global markets which includes a desire to move into the world capitals such as London. The luxury real estate is now a booming business in Dubai where Hussain Sajwani led the initial rise in foreign investment of the early 2000s and continues to make this the base for his operations.


Hussain Sajwani CEO of DAMAC

If you are lucky enough to live in the beautiful Dubai, you are probably searching for the ultimate property to live in the type of luxury that Dubai is known across the world for providing to their residents and visitors. Well, the good news is that Hussain Sajwani is the owner and CEO of DAMAC Properties and recently announced that they are in the process of releasing luxurious one and two bedroom properties that are near the Dubai Canal. The exquisite apartments are a welcomed addition to the area. However, the apartments will not last long. Residents are ready to seize the opportunity to acquire the properties as soon as possible.


Reva Residences

Hussain Sajwani is the owner and CEO of DAMAC and the properties. The name of the ultimate property that was recently added to the Dubai roster is the Reva Residences. The Reva Residences offer residents something very unique. The residents enjoy a wonderful breath taking view of the Dubai Canal, 24 hours around the clock service, and plenty of extra amenities that Dubai residents have grown to prefer in a luxury living environment. Furthermore, the apartments are centrally located. Certainly, one would think that the apartments are quite expensive. The fact is that the apartments that provide luxury living in the center of Dubai are quite affordable. The apartments have many features that are sure to delight the locals or anyone that is thinking about moving to the area. The apartments feature breath taking interiors and amazing exterior views that should be featured in luxury lifestyle magazines. The apartments are perfect for the modern Dubai couple or business executive that would prefer lavish and luxurious surroundings.


Hussain Sajwani

It should be noted that Hussain Sajwani is the owner and CEO of DAMAC, a real estate development company. He is a billionaire and property developer of of one of the fastest upwardly mobile real estate development companies in the region. Hussain Sajwani started the real estate development company back in 2002. Today, DAMAC is on of the largest real estate development companies in the Middle East. They’ve developed everything from exquisite luxury apartments to luxury villas.

Improving The World: Jed McCaleb

Jed McCaleb founded the Stellar Development Foundation when he realized that the financial infrastructure of the world is broken and many people are with no little or no resources. Jed has spent most of his time thinking on ways he can improve technology and how it can improve the world. Earlier on he had created eDonkey2000 network for peer to peer file sharing and Mt. Gox.


Jed McCaleb is a cryptocurrency expert and is renowned for his contribution for starting the first bitcoin Mt. Gox. After teaming up with Joyce kim, they cofounded stellar in 2014 where he now is the leader technical development. His duties at stellar ensure he is preoccupied with either responding to emails from clients or coding and building stellar to be better.


Jed McCaleb has spent s most of time thinking on better ways he can improve the current technology and finding ways to use the new technology, the stellar network gets support from that helps to contribute to the open source software.


Jed Mccaleb got the idea to start stellar when he realized that he could solve many problems with the bitcoin technology. The idea of bitcoin helped him to start a financial network that can connect institutions instead of creating a currency. The aim of stellar now is to connect the unbanked people in the world by linking several institutions together so that different institutions are tied together to allow for cheaper money transfer through an open source financial network.


Jed McCaleb and his team have worked on stellar from 2014 and now the network is more secure than before and easy for one to interact using standard tools and get information. Now stellar has a global outreach and Jed attributes the networks’ success to coming up with concrete strategies and plans. The art to be focused on important things has enabled Jed to avoid unnecessary distractions. The path for entrepreneurship for Jed has been with many challenges and he understands that for one to be successful you have to overcome the obstacles in life and don’t allow them to let you down.