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Bruno Fagali Reports On The Cautionary Measures Adopted By Businesses Against Corruption

The past few years have witnessed the eruption of numerous scandals from different governmental departments. These revelations have deeply exposed the permeation of corruption cases not just in government offices but also within the private sector. Bruno Fagali particularly notes with keen concern the level of ethics and moral decay in business practice as well as the laxity with which businesses allow for backroom and pre-negotiated deals and contracts. However, his recent industry report suggests that companies are waking up to this fact and implementing several anti-corruption strategies.

Comparing statistics

Drawing statistics from Deloitte market surveys, Bruno Fagali a renowned Sao Paulo lawyer notes that the recent statistics point towards the adoption of anti-corruption measures by most industries. He goes on to explain that unlike three years ago where only 58 percent of businesses acknowledged putting in anticorruption safeguards within their business operations, the recent study puts the adoption of these safeguards at around 73 percent of businesses.

Attorney Bruno Fagali further points out that even political parties are continually raising awareness around these issues with some also implementing the anti-corruption measures. At this level, anti-corruption safeguards include tracking donations to both the political parties and individual candidate electoral campaigns. The lawyer affirms Deloitte’s observation that the Lava-jet events and other revelation that unfolded after that have brought about a cultural change in the country. Bruno Fagali, da agência Nova/SB, fala sobre o prêmio Pró-Ética, organizado pela CGU e pelo Instituto Ethos.

He would also go on to advise businesses that are yet to join this bandwagon on the areas of operation that they should keenly monitor. The lawyer advocates for better controls with regards to financial, operational, regulatory, cybernetic and strategic aspects of the business as these represent some of the most susceptible aspects of the business. He nonetheless concludes by arguing that these safeguards should be extended to every other part of the company that the owner feels wanting.

About Bruno Fagali

Bruno Jorge Fagali is a prolific attorney and a rising star in Brazil’s legal system. He is on a mission towards using his experience, exposure, and the reputation to add a new administrative concept to the country’s legal system. He is particularly committed to the upholding of morals and ethics in all aspects of business and currently serves as a corporate integrity manager in Nova/SB.

Fagali’s Social Media: twitter.com/BrunoFagaliPR