Talk Fusion Is Delighted To Receive Technology Marketing Corporation’s Product Of The Year Award

Technology Marketing Corporation has selected some of the best business tech programs over the years, and this year is no exception as their Product of the Year award goes to Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion is not only a software developer, but also a direct selling company that allows people to resell their products and earn a commission from doing so. Talk Fusion’s products have been undeniably innovative and well-deserving of this award, but Talk Fusion has also won this award because their customer service has been outstanding, and they have selflessly given back to their community. Bob Reina, the company CEO says this award is only the beginning of what Talk Fusion plans to do with its product suite.

Talk Fusion started up back in 2007, and it stemmed from Bob Reina’s idea to turn video files into emails that could be sent to anyone. Reina had embarked on a personal journey, leaving behind a career in law enforcement and entering a profession that would allow him to work on his own time. He had been looking for a niche to sell products, and while he was vacationing he found it when he tried to send emails with videos in, but couldn’t because the files were too big. So he worked tirelessly to make a video email solution that would convert video files to email format, and soon enough he did. That solution became the base for Talk Fusion, and in just a few years he had made several products including video newsletters, video chat, and online conferencing available in an all-in-one package.

Reina helped Talk Fusion start an associates program to help customers earn commission for spreading the word about Talk Fusion’s products, and with that program they can earn bonuses such as paid vacations, fancy new cars, and other rewards for their hard work. Talk Fusion also allows new customers to signup for full use of their products, including their new WebRTC recorder for 30 days free of charge, and no credit card or payment method is required. And if associates feel generous, they can choose to have some of their earnings go to charity.

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