AvaTrade is a genuine site that is regulated by overseen and regulated by the European Union’s main regulatory bodies like Ireland’s central bank which is registered under the Spanish CNMV. The spreads of AvaTrade are highly competitive and thus they don’t charge a commission for trading. In the AvaTrade, the traders enjoy a very favorable opinion on the broker because they do not charge commissions thus saving them money. Another appreciated feature of the broker is its enormous leverage that they give in which sometimes reaches a ratio of 1:400 which is higher compared to others like Plus500.


One should know that working with leverage involves a lot of high risks however the experienced traders know how to deal with the risks thus offering them a great opportunity. Through this leverage level, it is possible for one to be paid 400 times amount that one has invested. Bearing in mind that the minimum amount that one can deposit is only 100dollars/euros, it is possible for one to trade up to the maximum of 40 000.


The fact that AvaTrade is an Irish broker, and is overseen by the Spanish CNMV, anyone can trade with it without minding whether he/she is dealing with a reliable and safe broker. The broker is an Irish it means that most of the CFD providers for forex and commodities stock shares are from Cyprus. As a result, many traders agree that the broker being from Ireland places it in a high position of confidence.


AvaTrade does not charge any commission to the traders. This is to mean that if someone trades in the CFDs on the shares of the stock market, he/she is not going to be charged anything for trading. However, since the brokers themselves want to make money, they impose a slight difference in the prices between the prices that the CFDs be bought or sold for hence the broker will receive the difference. AvaTrade allows CFD trading on Bitcoin and is available on numerous trading platforms. In conclusion, the company pays out correctly band without much difficult hence making it a serious company. One can request for withdrawal anytime time they wish and be paid in a matter of days.