The Magnises Black Card Offers Me Great Working And Partying Advantages

I moved to New York City six months ago, and my only thoughts were to have a lot of fun every day. New York City is such a big place that there is always something to do on a daily basis, but I got tired of being turned away when I wanted to go out to one event or another. It was a friend of mine that informed me about the Magnises card, and that’s what changed my whole world. Instead of constantly being turned away at different nightclubs, I get to go right in when I get to the front of the line, which is amazing.

I get discounts at many different places, especially on food when I go to some of the best restaurants that New York City has to offer. My Magnises card makes me a member, which means I get to go to their members only get-togethers, which are very elegant and are in luxurious spaces. I went to the penthouse that Magnises has where they were hosting their meet and greet, and I ended up meeting a great guy, who I’m still seeing to this day. Not only has the Magnises card changed how I have fun in New York City but it’s also brought me a great guy.

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One particular perk of Magnises that I took advantage of is the WorkPass, which has been great for my business. I moved to New York City to help get my clothing business off the ground, but I needed a small office space and didn’t want to spend too much money on it because I had another place where most of my business is conducted. Since I wanted my office to be in a more professional building that wasn’t in the same place as my clothing business, I chose to use my WorkPass.

The WorkPass is something I put on my Magnises card, and the membership allows me a discounted price for a co-working space in the same building that Magnises operates from. I only pay $99 per month for the WorkPass, and the pass allows me to pay just $500 per month for my co-working space, which is an incredible price. I easily found spaces that were similar that cost thousands of dollars per month, so not only do I save money by having the Magnises card, I also make money because of it.

I definitely have the ClubPass on my Magnises card membership as well because I still love to have fun, even though I’m constantly having to work on a regular basis on The Magnises card is a fantastic creation that gets me into some of the hottest events in New York City, even if its exclusive events. My boyfriend has a Magnises card and continues to be a member too. I also have no problem encouraging others to become a Magnises card member because I truly believe that this is a great card that has a lot to offer its members.