The Success of Kate Hudson’s Fabletics with Reverse Showroom Technique

Kate Hudson’s company, Fabletics, is dedicating to providing high-quality athletics, gym and yoga wear for women. The firm primarily aims at making all women sexy. With regards to high quality, most of the yoga and athletic wears are highly priced, and people rarely afford them. However, Fabletics products are of high quality, but the firm has put it upon themselves to offer them in a convenient online store at reasonably affordable prices. Fabletics offers a broad range of products such as sports bras, tops, tees, and hoodies among many others. Over the years, the Fabletics has been able to accrue and sustain a competitive advantage.


Fabletics leverages a 24-hour customer service, which has led to its competitive advantage over its rivals. Their online shopping avenue is friendly, highly responsive and secure. Getting started with Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is easy. Their platform offers a short quiz to new users based on lifestyles, and interestingly, the quiz only takes some few minutes. The primary aim of the questions is to help Fabletics’ stylists who are entirely dedicated to comprehending the taste and preferences on their various products to help their clients in selecting products depending on how they responded to the questions.


Once a customer creates an account, they can select the items of their interest every month and finish their purchase easily. However, clients can skip the stage if they have nothing to buy for a particular month. VIP members in the Fabletics platform have the option of receiving items every month with the option of excellent discounts. Signing up on Fabletics website is free and easy. Amazon controls around 20 percent of the online market in the fashion industry, which gives Fabletics an advantage. Kate Hudson has outdone all the odds and achieved an interesting business growth of $250 million in approximately three years. Fabletics has managed to establish a wide consumer base in the online market where it leverages a subscription mechanism to enable them to sell their goods directly to their customers.


Perhaps, the success of Fabletics can be partially attributed to the fact that they offer motivating products, which enables customers to go beyond their limits. The convenience of the online platform is another tool that Kate Hudson’s Fabletics leverages to take over the market on Amazon. Their membership plan ensures that the brand retains its uniqueness and is more reliable. Previously, high-quality brands were characterized by their pricey nature. Nowadays, forms need to set up tenable and reliable strategies to gain a sustainable competitive advantage while still offering quality and reasonable prices.


The Fabletics brand is experiencing an increasingly rapid expansion and has expansion plans of opening up stores in various strategic locations. Fabletics has open stores in Hawaii, California, Illinois and Florida. This is evidence that the brand’s expansion strategy is paying off. Fabletics, as a brand in a highly volatile and competitive market, attributes its growth and success to its ability to putting a smile on their clients’ face and delivering quality to them. Building effective customer relationships is one of Kate Hudson’s strategies of expanding their clientele base.