Tips to be a successful manager

Having managed to successfully bring up businesses from startups to multi-million organizations, Josh Verne shares the qualities he thinks a good manager should have.

  1. A manager shouldn’t be a boss, but rather a leader. There are numerous differences between the two. First, a boss will take advantage of his title to make his goals come true, whilst a leader sets goals together with his team, and works towards accomplishing those goals. Secondly, a boss asks to be respected, while a leader effortlessly earns respect.
  2. It is the mark of a good manager to try and make the best out of every situation. This means that, the decisions reached concerning each situation should favor both parties. A win-win situation is desirable. According to Verne, a win for the employees, or society, is also a win for the manager. A poor manager will only lean towards one side.
  3. The fewer the words one uses, the more authoritative he appears. This is a principle that Verne asks every manager to obey. He goes on to explain that the reason we have two ears and a single mouth is that we ought to use them in that proportion.
  4. Success is not only measured in terms of how well your business prospers, but also by how well you have put other aspects of your life. How are your relationships faring? Are you healthy? Every day should be spent to not only improve the business, but also one’s health and relationships.
  5. Finally, the most important thing is that only do something he is passionate about. Verne states that, rarely do you find a business succeeding if the manager isn’t passionate about it.

About Josh Verne

Josh Verne has an enviable business portfolio, with his management and entrepreneurial skills being the focal point of his success. The current CEO of started his management career by service as co-president of Home Line Furniture. He went on to form, an online marketplace with which people could make purchases easily, with the amounts being deducted from their payrolls. was later sold to Global Analytics. Josh Verne, after this, formed, which he currently runs. Flocku is another online platform, which makes the lives of college students convenient by allowing them to get information more easily. With Flocku, a college student can get emerging news about campus trends in real time. Verne’s main belief is that, seeing what is invisible to others is key.


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